Inmate Drops 256 Pills on Jailhouse Floor When Condom Holding Them Breaks

Andrea Amanatides is probably wondering why she has all the bad luck these days. She was set to begin a 6 month prison sentence for a probation violation when she filled a condom with prescription drugs and put it in her vagina to smuggle it into prison with her. Then the condom broke and the pills fell all over the floor.

The condom breaking is a familiar excuse when things don’t go right for certain people, but in this instance that condom was filled with more than 256 prescription pills including, 90 pills of Lyrica, 37 Adderall tablets, 50 Valiums, 43 Trazadones, 10 Ambiens and 26 Oxycontins she also added four bags of heroin for good luck the Albany Times Union reported.

The Huffington Post is reporting on the botched attempt as one of the worst they have seen.

While Amanatides was waiting in her Albany Jail Cell, the drug filled condom snapped and the pills spilled all over the floor. Surveillance cameras caught the whole thing on tape. The tape showed Amanatides trying to adjust the condom inside of her but that just caused more pills to roll out onto the floor down her pant leg.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said that officers discovered the drugs in just the nick of time.

Apple told Fox23,

“Once it is in there they will fight for it, kill for it, they can overdose on it. It is as dangerous as a weapon,”

Amanatides was charged with five misdemeanor counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance and felony promotion of prison contraband.