Jimmy Fallon’s Strange Week: Ghost Hunting With Selena Gomez And Acting Out Elementary School Plays With Tom Hanks

Jimmy Fallon reprised his famous “Kid Theatre” segment this week, with none other than legendary actor Tom Hanks as his co-star.

Have you heard of Steven Spielberg’s latest thriller: Bridge of Spies? As Entertainment Weekly reported, it’s a cold war drama which follows an American lawyer – played by Tom Hanks – who has been recruited by the CIA to rescue a pilot who has been captured.

Sounds good, and there are plenty of movie buffs who are itching to see the latest Steven Spielberg thriller. But what would this mean to elementary school kids? In Jimmy Fallon’s “Kid Theatre” segment, children are asked to pen their own versions of films, with nothing but the film’s title to go on.

As USA Today commented, 8-year-old Chris provided pure comedic gold by simply stating the obvious.

“There was once a bridge that was full of spies. A man walked up to it.
Man: What is this?
Spy: What does it look like, dummy? It’s a bridge of spies. Go away. We’re spying.
Man: Can I be a spy?
Spy: No. This bridge is too full of spies already. There’s not room for anymore.
Man: Who are you spying on?
Spy: Each other.
Man: How?
Spy: You sure ask a lot of questions for someone who is not a spy.
Man: Maybe I am a spy.
spy: Are you?
Man: No.
Spy: Are you sure?
Man: No.
The man rips off his mask.
Spy: You are a spy!
Man: Exactly. And you fell for my trick. Therefore you are no longer a spy. Hahahahaha!
Spy: Hahahahaha!
Man: What are you laughing at?
Spy: Nothing. I just wanted to keep acting like a spy.”

And, as Us Magazine noted, one of the funniest scripts that Jimmy Fallon and Tom Hanks read out included the suggestion that the bridge itself was made out of spies, as the people who constructed it had run out of wood.

We all know that Jimmy Fallon is famous for his uncontrollable giggle, and, true to form, he was not able to get through these various elementary school scripts without bursting into laughter many times. Ever the professional, Tom Hanks resisted the urge, despite the fact that many of the scripts were downright hilarious.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Fallon also spent time with Selena Gomez this week, and found out something rather strange about her: not only does Selena Gomez believe strongly in ghosts and other spirits, but she uses technology to help her to assess a room for a ghostly presence before she enters it.

As People reported, the 23-year-old singer confessed to Jimmy Fallon that she has what she referred to as a “ghost app” on her smartphone that she uses to check a room for spirits before she enters it.

“I believe that spirits can tap into technology. Why not, right?”

Meanwhile, Time was not too impressed with Jimmy Fallon’s interview with Selena Gomez, commenting that an interview based around iPad apps could cause regular Jimmy Fallon viewers to look elsewhere.

“Of course, there is something funny about TV entertainers doing a sketch centered around an iPad app. If viewers aren’t familiar with the app, they might look down at their own iPad or smart device and start browsing the web until the segment is over.”

Gomez powered up the app on air, and Jimmy Fallon immediately became nervous.

“This is going to scare me. This is an old studio, it’s been around a long time.”

Things turned creepy when the app made a noise that sounded somewhat like the word “children.” Jimmy Fallon requested his in-house band to quit playing the creepy music it had been playing until then, and then joked that the voice on the app sounded like David Hasselhoff.

Gomez was not too impressed with Jimmy Fallon’s jokes about her spirit finding app, though, and jokingly gave him a warning, which was exactly what Jimmy Fallon needed to hear to quit fooling around.

“You know what, you’re actually upsetting the spirits, they’re mad at you.”

[Photo: Neilson Barnard, Theo Wargo / NBC, Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images]