New Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Images Out, To Support USB Type-C Port

The latest Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has been all the rave these last few months, and we know all too well how the technology industry works, with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge already cooking behind Samsung's closed doors.

A lot of rumors about what the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 will be and how will it look like are already circulating around the web. The last products from the Samsung Galaxy line has not been too different from each other, save for the latest Galaxy S6 Edge, so what can we expect from the Galaxy S7 Edge? Will it just be an improved version of the Galaxy S6 Edge, or will the Galaxy S7 Edge bring new innovation altogether?

3D Marketing site 3D Future just released some new concept designs for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, based on the assumptions and trends going around in the tech circles. The site explains that with the tight competition between the Samsung Galaxy line and the Apple iPhone, the only sure way for Samsung to inch forward is to aggressively innovate its design.

Samsung GAlaxy S7 Edge concept art from 3D Future
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge concept art from 3D Future

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge concept images that they created were a huge leap from the Galaxy S6 Edge, with a revamp of the edge design. The Galaxy S6 Edge spilled over the screen at the sides, while the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge extends the display on top and on the bottom. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is also given a full metal body, giving it a sleeker more luxurious feel than the previous Galaxy S phones.

A trend in newer smartphones nowadays is also seen in the concept images. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, with the extra performance of its edges, can ultimately remove the button at its lower part, giving it the extra luxe feel. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is also expected to be waterproof, hence the covered USB sockets.

See more concept images of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge at 3D Future.

Speaking of USB sockets, reports are pouring in that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will also don the new type-C USB port used by newer phones in the market now, the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, OnePlus 2, and Xiaomi Mi 4C.

What is so nice about this new USB Type-C? Unlike standard USBs, the USB Type-C is a revolutionary cord that makes the USB connector ends universal, unlike the older USB cords. Standard USB cords have the fatter end that connects to most sources such as PCs and laptops, and the slimmer end that connects to the device such as the mobile phone. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, according to Samsung insider sources at SamMobile, will join the newer phones donning the USB Type-C, which has two identical ends. That means that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will be equipped with the new USB Type-C port and will come with a USB Type-C plug.

USB Type-C used by Xiaomi (via
USB Type-C used by new Xiaomi phone (via

Another interesting feature of the USB Type-C is that is revolutionizes transfer speed between two devices. Not only can you plug the two devices either way, you will also be able to transfer 10 gigabits per second, which is twice the power of the older USB 3.0. Samsung Galaxy phones from the Samsung Galaxy S4 has already started to pump up charge time with its adaptive fast charging chargers, which means that if the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge does equip itself with the new USB Type-C, it will be capable of even faster charging and faster data transfer.

It is believed that the USB Type-C will become an industry standard beginning next year.

Samsung has yet to officially release a response to the rumors circulating the internet about the Galaxy S7 Edge, but reports are expecting that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will make an announcement first quarter of 2016.

[Featured image via Ilya Savenok / Getty Images]