Jimmy Fallon’s Latest Invention Is No Joke: New Sporting Apparel Line Makes Use Of Armpits As ‘Prime Real Estate’

Jimmy Fallon loves sports. He has previously revealed that his favorite team is the Red Sox, and it was more than ten years ago that Jimmy Fallon starred in Fever Pitch, a feel-good rom-com, with Drew Barrymore as his co-star.

As People reported, this perhaps forgotten movie has Jimmy Fallon’s character put in the position of having to choose between his love for his favorite sporting team and his girlfriend. As with most romantic comedies, everything ended well for the pair, and we wonder if this movie might have turned out to be a little autobiographical for Jimmy Fallon, with the Tonight Show host admitting his real-life love for the Red Sox, whilst also juggling his wife and baby.

Jimmy Fallon, who is also one of the most influential people on television today, has combined his love of sports with his cheeky wit and has come up with an ingenious new product: a new line of sporting apparel for sports fans, which features your favourite team’s logo in the armpit and underarm area.

Jimmy Fallon seemed surprised that no one had made use of the underarm area of sporting apparel before.

“That’s prime real estate!”

And despite what people may initially think, this is not just another one of Jimmy Fallon’s clever jokes on his Tonight Show. His new line of sporting apparel are a real product, and are already available for purchase.

Jimmy Fallon has collaborated with G-III, a manufacturer of sporting apparel, and an impressive range of short sleeve and long sleeve shirts are available, as well as longsleeved windcheaters. Prices range from $35-$80, and a range of logos are available from the MLB, NHL, NBA, and NFL.

Jimmy Fallon couldn’t resist cracking some jokes at his new sporting fashion line’s expense, though, claiming that he had an ingenious for that the name of his new line.

“Luckily, they talked me out of the name Pitz.”

The new products officially go under the name “Hands High,” which most people would agree is a much more appropriate name – though when has Jimmy Fallon ever shied away from being inappropriate?

According to 247Sports, the official release from G-III didn’t contain any hints of Jimmy Fallon’s classic style of humor, although they were happy to credit Jimmy Fallon with the idea.

“Hands High is a lifestyle sports apparel brand that celebrates the great moments in sports while looking and feeling your best. Hands High will feature professional team logos from the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL that will be located in a new place — beneath a fan’s arms and along the side of torso. Hands High sports apparel is created by Tonight Show host and sports fan, Jimmy Fallon. Realizing that sports fans spend a great deal of their time during games cheering and high-fiving, Jimmy decided to turn his idea into reality. Hands High apparel is designed to provide sports fans with a fun, distinctive and memorable way to show their support for their favorite teams.”

The only complaint from fans so far seems to be the fact that the range was launched with only men’s styles and sizes available, with women’s and children’s products simply “coming soon.”

@jimmyfallon hey can we please get a women’s sizes in the hands high but I know lots of women out love this as well

— Paulette Bonafonté (@EToweyy) October 15, 2015

Fans are understandably arguing that women and children make up a sizable proportion of all sports fans, and that the apparel line shouldn’t have been launched until it was accessible to everyone.

[Photo: Fallon Tonight / Twitter – ‏@FallonTonight]