Nehemiah Griego: New Mexico Teen May Only Get Probation In The Murders Of His Family

nehemiah greigo probation

A New Mexico teen pleaded guilty to murdering his entire family. Nehemiah Griego shot and killed his parents and three younger siblings in their Albuquerque area home. He was 15 at the time of the murders, in 2013.

Nehemiah Griego entered a plea of guilty in the New Mexico children’s court on Friday. The second degree murder charges were issued in the deaths of Griego’s parents, Sarah and Greg Griego, and a charge of child abuse was levied in the slayings of his three young siblings, Angelina, Jael, and Zephaniah, MSN reports.

The court proceedings in the New Mexico family murder case was brief and put to almost three years of litigation. According to Griego’s attorney, Jeffrey Buckels, the teenager has undergone “extensive treatment” since his arrest. A week of hearings are scheduled to take place in January during the sentencing phase of the trial. The admitted killer is now 18, the court will determine whether punishment should be handed down by an adult or a juvenile court, the Spreadit reports.

“The parties believe that this agreement is the best resolution for Mr. Griego and the State, as well as for the victim’s family, which was fully apprised of the agreement in advance of (the) plea hearing,” Buckels said in a release after the guilty plea was entered.

Nehemiah Griego could receive just probation for murdering his family. The sentencing terms could range from the minimum of probation to three life sentences plus 30 years, if the New Mexico teenager is sentenced as an adult. If he is sentenced as a juvenile, he could remain in the custody of the state agency of Children, Youth, and Families until he turns 21. During the January hearing, the judge will hear testimony from a variety of witnesses and psychology experts.

New Mexico law enforcement investigators maintain that after the 2013 murders, the teen reloaded his parent’s two semi-automatic rifles and put them inside the family van. Griego allegedly planned to drive to Walmart and shoot down customers inside the Albuquerque area store.

There is reportedly no evidence that Griego actually arrived at the local Walmart. Security officials stated that the teenager spent most of the day at the church where the family attended. In an eerie twist of fate, the day the admitted murderer wandered aimlessly around the church campus, dozens of Sunday school teachers were being trained to deal with mass shooters.

Relatives of the victims of the Griego family discussed Nehemiah with the media. According to the statements by the loved ones, the then 15-year-old boy was just a normal teenager who was close to his parents and siblings. The teen killer reportedly loved wrestling with his brother and father, and played in the youth band at his church. Nehemiah was known at the church for his guitar solos.

Greg and Sarah Griego were reportedly highly regarded in their community for the many years they spent ministering to inmates at the county jail. Greg was an Army veteran who also served as a pastor at one of the largest Christian churches in Albuquerque. He was also a volunteer chaplain serving the local fire department.

Exactly why Nehemiah Griego woke up on the day of the murders and decided to kill his entire family remains unknown. Sheriff’s department officials said the New Mexico teenager was angry with his mother and had been experiencing both suicidal and homicidal thoughts.

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