Larry David As Bernie Sanders On ‘SNL’ — 10,000 YouTube Views And Counting [Video]


Larry David took on the role of Bernie Sanders on Saturday, October 17, on Saturday Night Live. Larry’s SNL impression of Bernie is being called a perfect impression. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — as played by Kate McKinnon — spoke of a Clinton being created by a team to make Hillary seem warm.

The YouTube video, titled “Democratic Debate Cold Open | SNL,” was uploaded on October 18, and has swelled to 10,000 views. Starring some SNL regulars as the famous politicos, the focus on David as Sanders was called perfect by the Washington Post.

Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon), Bernie Sanders (Larry David), Jim Webb (Alec Baldwin), Lincoln Chafee (Kyle Mooney) and Martin O’Malley (Taran Killam) face off at the Democratic presidential debate, hosted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper (Jon Rudnitsky).

On Twitter, the search term Larry David as Bernie Sanders is listed in Twitter’s trending section, with 3,409 tweets about this trend coming into the social media platform and counting. Apparently, according to the tweets, people loved seeing Larry — the famous inspiration for George Costanza on Seinfeld — once more.

“Larry David as Bernie Sanders is the greatest thing I have ever seen.”

David SNL

Larry nailed Bernie’s doom and gloom scenarios of a future America that needs an urgent change.

“We’re doomed! We need a revolution. Millions of people on the street. We gotta do something and we gotta do it now.”

When the suggestion was made that Joe Biden should join the candidates on stage, Clinton made a scary face.

Meanwhile, David’s Sanders spoke of chopping up banks into little pieces and flushing them down the toilet, since they do things like chain pens to the desk. Who’s going to steal pens, asks Sanders. Bernie comes to Hillary’s defense when it came to questions about her email scandal. That’s when Sanders morphed into a Jerry Seinfeld routine, asking what the deal was with emails anyway, saying that Bernie had forgotten his password, but he couldn’t login to his email to get the lost password being emailed to him.

Clinton’s character admired Bernie for being able to yell and cuss in public. Hillary said that Sanders was the “song of the summer,” like Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen,” while Clinton was like the “Happy Birthday” song – one that people will sing forever. Bernie admitted that he was a mess, and disorganized. Sanders on SNL said that he even carries his books and paperwork around like a college professor, under his arm, instead of having a briefcase. Sanders went on to dismiss his own messy website.

“ – check it out, it’s a mess.”

Hillary on SNL warned that getting into bed with Bernie represented waking up with President Trump tomorrow. Sanders did another riff about podiums, and not understanding what to do with your elbows when a person is speaking near one. In the end of the SNL routine, Bernie admitted that Hillary would likely make it as president whilst Sanders would end up as Vice President Bernie.


Not only are folks on Twitter calling for Larry to play Bernie every weekend on SNL until the presidential election is done, but some people even foresee David as Sanders in a new sitcom.

“I bet a new sitcom starring David as Sanders will beat Trump’s next reality TV show.”

“I feel my whole life has been leading up to this very moment. Watching Larry as Bernie on SNL is pure perfection.”

SNL might want to heed the suggestions, like a Twitter standing ovation, and bring Larry back once more (or much more) to reprise his Bernie role.

[Images via YouTube / Mike Coppola / Getty Images Entertainment]