'Jesse Stone: Lost In Paradise': Hallmark Movie's Tom Selleck Takes Us Back To The 80's When TV Was Good

Jesse Stone: Lost In Paradise is a 2015 movie that is coming to the Hallmark Channel on Sunday. Jesse Stone stars Tom Selleck as a seasoned cop who assists the investigative team in solving a murder in Boston -- a murder that law enforcement officials believes was committed by the Boston Ripper. Jesse Stone: Lost In Paradise is based on the book by Robert B. Parker and stars Mackenzie Foy, Luke Perry, William Devane, and the Emmy-Award winning Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone. The crime drama is produced by Sony Pictures Television, according to The Los Angeles Times.

The Jesse Stone movies used to air on the CBS Network before making their way to the Hallmark Channel. [Photo by Hallmark/Facebook]

Directed by Robert Harmon and written by Michael Brandman and Tom Selleck, Jesse Stone: Lost In Paradise focuses on detective Jesse Stone, the police chief of a small town in Boston, Massachusetts called Paradise. Since leaving his job as a homicide investigator in the gritty Los Angles, he enjoys a bit of downtime in the picturesque Paradise, a small New England community by the water. In this slow-moving town, the crime is low, giving the Stone the time he needs to think about all the things that make him unhappy. Though, the lonely cop is a bit broken by past issues and problems that life has dealt him, he realizes this is a normal part of life, which he soothes by drinking away the ills.

Lost In Paradise is the ninth Jesse Stone movie to be made and the first to air on the Hallmark Channel. All of the other installments aired on the CBS channel. The first one was 2005's Stone Cold, in which we first met Jesse Stone, a law enforcement official whose marriage tanked, causing him to become a heavy drinker. The situation worsened for Jesse Stone when he was ultimately fired for arriving to work drunk. He had no problem finding another town to take him on. Because of his background, Paradise's corrupt officials believed that Jesse Stone was perfect for the job -- someone who would most likely let certain things slide for the town's shady elite.

The other Jesse Stone movies included, 2006's Night Passing and Death In Paradise, along with 2007's Sea Change and 2012's Benefit of the Doubt, according to The Internet Movie Database (IMDB). Despite its success among fans, the network decided not to make any more. But, that's where Hallmark kicked in.

Viewers have some hope that this won't be the last Jesse Stone film. Jesse Stone offers its audience the kind of old-fashioned cop drama that was prevalent in the 1980s, when TV movies were down right good.

Tom Selleck is brilliant in the role as Jesse Stone. Since the mid 2000's when the movies were introduced, he has consistently brought a deep intelligence to the role, making it a pleasure to watch. Selleck has stated in the past that he chooses each role carefully. He knew immediately when reading the script for the Jesse Stone installments that it was a production that he wanted to be a part of. For him, the script was real. It told of a hard-working cop who also had to deal with personal problems that hurt him to the core. It allowed those watching to see the cop behind the badge.

Actor Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone. [Photo by Hallmark/Facebook]

Jesse Stone: Lost In Paradise is a good, solid film with well-developed characters. It's a bit slow in pace but that just gives you more time to enjoy the beautiful seaside views of the small fishing village. Viewers will also enjoy the calming music that serves as a backdrop throughout the film. Enjoy the tease and the trailer below. Jesse Stone: Lost In Paradise airs tonight at 8 p.m. Another Hallmark movie aired last night entitled, October Kiss. The week before Hallmark viewers enjoyed Harvest Moon.

"With things running smoothly in Paradise, Police Chief Stone (Tom Selleck) agrees to serve as a consultant on an unsolved murder case in Boston. Local police suspect "The Boston Ripper," a killer who is already behind bars, but Stone believes the murderer is a bit closer to home – setting him off on an investigation filled with surprises and grave."
Jesse Stone: Lost In Paradise Trailer
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