Justin Bieber Caught Abusing Staff As ‘Purpose’ Album Pressure Mounts

Justin Bieber is at it again. This time, the bad boy has taken staff humiliation to a whole new level.

The latest incident, which echoes the time Justin sat on the shoulders of his bodyguards and let them haul him up the Great Wall of China (the Purpose singer and Selena Gomez ex justified that incident by saying he was “tired”), is all in good fun, and may even be a sly reference to the controversial Great Wall incident (report by the New York Daily News).

“Now that my preorder is out, I don’t really want to walk anymore,” Justin tells the camera in the new clip (this is a reference to Justin’s upcoming Purpose album, which has just become available for preorder). He then allows manager Scooter Braun to haul him away on his shoulders like a pack-mule. Justin faux-whips the sheepish executive, who keeps his head bowed and only pipes up to say two words: “Sorry, sir.”

Fans on Instagram enjoyed seeing their hero riding high, with most posting comments along the lines of “so cuteeee” and “I’m dying.”

It’s not the first time the Bieb has referenced his own scandalous behavior for laughs. The recent Instagram post showing him “breaking up” with his adorable puppy was possibly a reference to the time in 2014 when he reportedly “abandoned” his pet monkey.

Former Bieber pet monkey Mally, who is now cared for by a German zoo, had to be left behind by the crooner’s team during a 2014 tour due to a paperwork oversight. At the time, strident headlines like Gawker‘s (writer Jay Hathaway declared, “Justin Bieber Left His Illegal Monkey Frightened And Alone“) were typically accompanied by this image of the sunglasses-clad superstar in full “swag” mode, his muscled arm the same girth as Mally’s head. The Roman numerals emblazoned across Justin’s toned pectoral seem to signify a countdown for the doomed animal, who peers helplessly from the crook of the hunk’s arm.

Justin has since beefed up even more for his Calvin Klein advertisements and for the steamy “What Do You Mean?” video, which shows Eastern European model Xenia Deli licking his abs. In fact, the Canadian star is so fit he reduces even middle-aged male interviewers to puddles of lust — there are a surprising number of interviews where fans may bear witness to grown men expressing a desire to touch the hard-bodied bad boy.

“I’ve got a confidence to me,” Justin has said in interviews. The sexy star, who is enjoying a creative revival at the moment (“What Do You Mean?” is breaking sales and chart records, and “Where Are Ü Now” represents an incredible departure from the old Bieber sound, with collaborators Diplo and Skrillex creating a fresh, intriguing soundscape — notably a dolphin-like hook engineered from Bieber’s vocals — delivered alongside an innovative video in which Justin’s face and body are used as a projector screens for graffiti, street art and different digital effects) is described by most who work with him as “really competitive” and “really talented.”

Justin Bieber can certainly be counted on to elicit intense, visceral responses from people, whether shrill and critical or adoring or utterly sexual/lascivious. On the part of people who have worked with the gifted 21-year old, there is nothing but praise. When asked about the collaboration, Skrillex (who enjoyed his first mainstream hit with Where Are Ü Now) called Justin “the most gifted, talented kid I’ve ever seen” (report by YourEDM), citing Justin’s skills with not only singing but everything from ping pong to skateboarding to studio freestyling (Bieber was reportedly working the panels expertly after receiving only minor guidance from Skrillex). Manager Scooter Braun, who posted the Instagram clip of Justin riding on his shoulders, captioned the jesting clip with a declaration that the new Bieber album, Purpose (which will be released on November 13), is “a damn masterpiece.”

There is not only a “confidence” to Justin — sometimes his behavior comes across as downright reckless. Take this Instagram clip, which shows the singer painting the walls of a youth rehabilitation hall as part of his community service for a previous arrest.


Fans were shocked to see Justin teetering on a stool so close to a flight of stairs — it would have taken only one misjudgement of the torque on his roller handle, or one slip of his expensive sneakers, for the star to suffer a potentially fatal fall (“you stupid” opined one fan bluntly, after seeing Justin in action).

The Bieb seems to know what he is doing, channeling his competitive nature into genuine mastery in various areas.

This Justin Bieber carpool karaoke with James Corden (a hugely popular video on YouTube) even shows Justin finishing a Rubik’s cube in under 2 minutes. The star presents the finished cube to Corden, who looks on in open-mouthed disbelief. The singer responds with a sexy eyebrow raise (6:44) as he reaches casually for a french fry. One gets the impression of a person who has seen too many victories as a result of his daring nature to ever consider reigning it in.

Fans have big expectations for Purpose, which will feature collabs with Bieber ex Selena Gomez and a remix of “What Do You Mean?” by fellow Scooter Braun client Ariana Grande. Fans have been clamoring to preorder the album on the understanding that this is the only way to get the Ariana Grande track.

Justin’s stops on the interview circuit have yielded many laughs. Most recently, this interview with New Zealand duo Jono and Ben showed the singer jesting that he dozes off to sleep to the sound of applauding fans.

Justin also praised the duo for their “What Do You Mean?” parody, calling it “the best parody I’ve seen.”

Are you looking forward to Justin Bieber’s Purpose? Do you feel sorry for Justin’s monkey? Sound off in the comments.