Boy Scouts Anti-Gay Policy Will Stand

There was talk earlier this week that the Boy Scouts of America would revise their anti-gay policy and allow gay men and women to be scout leaders. The organization clarified today that it would not be changing its anti-gay policy.

WTOV9 reports that the issue received national attention this week after Jen Tyrrell, a former scout leader, lost her position due to her sexual orientation.

Tyrrell started a petition, which now has thousands of signatures, in an attempt to get the BSA to change their policy.

Tyrell said:

“I think that (I have) almost 300,000 signatures on my petition and with the growing list of celebrities’ signatures and President Obama’s backing of gay marriage, I think that we’re sending a huge message, and the Boy Scouts seem to be one of the last ones holding out.”

The Boy Scouts have acknowledged Tyrell’s petition and confirmed that a resolution had been introduced to amend the policy. But the organization said that a change in policy was not in the works.

The Boy Scouts seem to be trying to avoid the issue. When CBS 21 News asked a spokesperson for the organization why the group won’t change the policy, the spokesperson replied:

“We don’t have an agenda on this issue. We don’t ask about people’s sexuality. The policy is the way it is, because we do not believe that our youth development program is the right place to have this discussion.”

What do you think about the Boy Scouts anti-gay policy? Should gay men and women be allowed be allowed to be scout leaders?