WWE News: WWE NXT Diva Blue Pants Backstage Heat Due To Being Intoxicated In Front Of WWE Management

Blue Pants Brooklyn

WWE NXT has been a hot place to be in the world of professional wrestling for some time now. It should come as no surprise that some of the top wrestlers from across the world have taken part in the brand at some point in the last few years. One such wrestler is known as Leva Bates, or Blue Pants, to the WWE NXT crowd. She has gotten over extremely well and fans seem to love her.

It was reported, by the Inquisitr, about a week ago that WWE was souring on Blue Pants because she was overconfident in herself. She would repeatedly talk about how over she was, which is never a good thing to do as it never really goes over well backstage. However, these reports seem to simply be a red herring over the real reason WWE is seemingly against using her more frequently.

Blue Pants was, of course, at the big WWE NXT: Brooklyn show during the WWE SummerSlam weekend. She was used as a surprise manager for the Vaudevillians to help them against Blake and Murphy as well as Alexa Bliss. The two ended up winning the NXT Tag Team Titles from Blake and Murphy and have held them ever since, in great part to Blue Pants taking care of Bliss afterward.

Blue Pants NXT

Blue Pants ended up facing off with Bliss on NXT and from there she hasn’t been used much at all. Why?

According to Daily Wrestling News, Blue Pants was reportedly intoxicated in public and more importantly, she was in that state in front of WWE higher-ups during SummerSlam weekend. She apparently drank too much at a gathering and was acting highly inappropriate. There were said to be Corporate employees from Stamford at the event who saw her, and her behavior certainly did not go over well with them.

The incident allegedly even led to her missing a flight to Florida with the rest of the crew the following morning.

There was a feeling among many that she did not appreciate the spot she was in. She was said to have been seen a lot on her cell phone during the WWE NXT tapings at which she was present. It was said that due to this distraction, she was not paying attention to everything going on around her.

Blue Pants Sasha

Many have wondered why WWE never signed her to a NXT deal. While her character was over, her age was thought to have been the biggest factor early on. One can imagine now that the reason WWE has used her sparingly and the reason she has not been signed to an actual deal is due to the issues she had been involved in. On top of this, WWE does not like it when you concern yourself with other things while at their events as you are there to work.

It would be like working at McDonald’s and being in the back as a worker, not on break but not doing as much as everyone else, and being on your phone. You could be working or you could even be learning. Instead, you concern yourself with personal things on your phone. Why would WWE sign someone exhibiting that kind of behavior? Although the fans have loved her, the problem comes down to her work ethic and WWE seemingly doesn’t want to deal with her.

WWE is certainly branding themselves as a PG company, and they likely don’t want to bring on anyone who might have issues in public or with the law. Blue Pants has already had an issue in public, as witnessed by major decision makers within WWE. It is a wonder WWE even allows her to work with them at all considering her recent behavior. Many people believe she is done with WWE NXT, but it truly does depend on their needs. She does help some of the girls get over, so even if she was only there just to a job, it might be worth her while to stick around. However, WWE can always put someone else in this role.

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