Christina Milian Linked With Substance Abusers: Can John Stamos, Lil Wayne Hurt Her?

Christina Milian has been going full steam ahead with her new album Like Me to be released on October 30 and two shows on TV. Even so, there appears to be a dark cloud looming over Christina Milian at a time when celebrities and addiction issues are being examined.

Lately, the world has been rocked by Lamar Odom’s untreated addiction issues, and Scott Disick is reportedly headed off to rehab, according to US Weekly.

Although celebrities are closely followed when they are getting treatment for addiction issues, the press finds it interesting to note how the celebrities around them deal with their crisis.

Naturally, long-time fans of Christina Milian may remember that she has a short fuse for unhealthy drunks. On January 23, ETV reports that Christina Milian and her family got in a screaming match about certain members of the family acting silly when they drink too much.

Unfortunately for Christina Milian, there are at least two people close to her that have been involved in substance abuse headlines in the past month, and one could threaten her career.

On her own, it seems Christina Milian has a healthy relationship with alcohol. In fact, Christina Milian owns Viva Diva Wines, and Binny‘s point out that the company is also owned by her mother and manager.

On top of that, even with a lot of alcohol and potential substance abuse issues linked to people in her life, Christina Milian still knows when to put down the bottle.

According to SOHH, when Christina Milian was in Dancing with the Stars, she was quick to point out that part of her strategy for winning was to stop drinking.

Of course, it also appears that Christina Milian rarely turns to addiction issues when her life is hard. For example, TMZ reports on July 24, 2010 that The Dream served her with divorce papers nine days before she gave birth to her daughter — but Christina Milian stayed strong.

Alternatively, Christina Milian’s professional and personal life have been intertwined with substance abusers that have been in the headlines over the month of October.

In particular, Christina Milian has been excited to be a part of the TV show Grandfathered starring John Stamos. However, John Stamos was recently slapped with DUI charges.

Christina Milian Grandfathered
Could Christina Milian be thwarted in her role with "Grandfathered" due to co-star John Stamos' potential jail time? (Picture by Getty Images)

On October 17, the Ledger Gazette claims that the incident occurred on June 12 in Beverly Hills. In the report it stated that John Stamos could face up to six months jail time for driving while under the influence.

Despite this, Christina Milian and John Stamos took time to “celebrate with champagne” for Stamos’ birthday on the set of Grandfathered. Nonetheless, the Daily Mail reports on August 20, “the bottle was probably just a prop for the show – last month Stamos spent a month in rehab for substance abuse, following a DUI the month before.”

Christina Milian may not have a substance abuse problem, but other people’s issues with drinking or drugs could affect her directly. In particular, if John Stamos goes to jail, it could affect Christina Milian’s part in Grandfathered if Stamos happens to get the show canceled.

As far as her personal life, Christina Milian’s ex may also be floundering with substance abuse issues. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lil Wayne and Christina Milian say they are still friends, but there is a problem that Lil Wayne has been talking about in his songs.

Sadly, it appears that Lil Wayne was recently singing about reliance on intoxicating beverages right around the time that he and Christina Milian called it quits. In his song “Pour Up,” Lil Wayne talks about his unhealthy relationship with a codeine-laced beverage called sizzurp.

Christina Milian Lil Wayne
Is Lil Wayne breaking Christina Milian's heart by talking about using sizzurp in his song "Pour Up"? (Picture by Getty Images)

For Christina Milian, it could have been especially hard to hear that Lil Wayne has gone back to sizzurp. In January, when Christina Milian started being open about her relationship with Lil Wayne, she was interviewed by Andy Cohen on What Happens Live.

From that interview, MStarz quotes Christina Milian saying the following about Lil Wayne when Cohen asked her, “Have you tried sizzurp?”

“No [I have not tried sizzurp], [Lil Wayne] don’t drink that either, no, no that’s in the past, it’s called drinking this (pointing to herself).”

[Feature image via Jason Merritt/Getty Images]