Duggar News: Family Surrounds Homebound Jessa Duggar

The unfolding Duggar news is that Jessa is now homebound due to her pregnancy, canceling all appearances and travel, and is surrounded by husband Ben Seewald’s family. At the last minute, Jessa and Ben canceled their flight to Jacksonville, Florida, where they were scheduled to appear on Saturday at the Southern Women Show. News of the cancelation was posted on the event’s website just two days ago, noting that Jessa’s siblings, Jinger and Josiah, would take her place on stage.

At 12 p.m. on Saturday, just before Jinger and Josiah took center stage at the Prime Osborn Convention Center, a short video from Jessa was screened for the audience.

“Our baby’s due date is two weeks away and Ben and I decided to stay home and not go on the trip. But, there will be a replacement. Jinger and Josiah are going to be joining you at the Southern Women Show.”

Jessa’s sister and brother, Jinger and Josiah Duggar, then took their seats on stage for a 30-minute, question-and-answer session. All questions were written down and passed to the moderator, who would not allow anything about the family’s recent troubles with estranged brother Josh Duggar.

Jinger Duggar and brother Josiah appear on stage at women's event Jinger Duggar and brother Josiah appear on stage at women’s event [Megan Forbes Photography]No hot Duggar news was revealed, and most of the questions allowed were from teenaged girls who wanted to know Jinger’s shoe size, favorite color, and favorite song, according to one attendee who posted on a Duggar news forum, named in Jinger’s honor.

“They didn’t actually speak about anything, the whole half hour was audience questions. Questions that they reviewed beforehand, so if anyone asked anything of substance it didn’t make the cut. The only semi-interesting question was about the content of the new shows and air date. To which they told us they don’t watch TV, so they have no idea about an air date. Not sure how those two things correlate. And then the next hour and a half was autographs and pictures.”

Many were surprised that Jessa booked an appearance at the event so close to her baby’s due date. She might not have been allowed on a commercial flight that late in her pregnancy had she tried to make the trip. She is actually at full-term right now so, when the cancelation was first announced, there was speculation that she had gone into labor.

Then, the still very pregnant Jessa posted some Duggar news of her own on Instagram. She uploaded a collage showing her activities for the past two days in Arkansas. She is depicted getting a pedicure, seeing her mother-in-law, and hanging out with Sierra Jo Dominguez. Sierra was featured many times on the Duggar family reality TV series, 19 Kids and Counting, always when a party was underway. Her presence with Jessa indicates that a baby shower was in the works and, no doubt, it was filmed by a TLC film crew for the upcoming special about the birth of Jessa’s first child.

Jessa Duggar Instagram

Ben Seewald’s parents also shared a picture on their family’s Instagram page. It shows Jessa and Ben with Ben’s mother, Guinn, and all six of Ben’s siblings.

There is still no news from the Duggar family about errant son Josh. Pictures of Josh’s wife, Anna, have not been seen online since she attended her cousin-in-law Amy Duggar’s wedding on September 6. She is, however, back in Arkansas, as a recent photograph of her nursing daughter in Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s Tontitown home was posted online two days ago.

Contrary to recent rumors, Josh and Anna’s home in Siloam Springs was not sold, but transferred to a limited liability company set up by family friend and attorney, Travis Story. A deed to the home was transferred for $10 in consideration to the company on the same day that the company was registered in Arkansas.

Jessa’s older sister, Jill, is slated for a TLC special of her own in 2016, which will showcase Jill and her husband Derick doing missionary work in Central America. They have actually spent little time south of the border since they registered their nonprofit company, Dillard Family Ministries, in June. There is no news on when they might actually start being missionaries.

This summer, the two spent four weeks as volunteers with another group touring El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. On another short trip, they spent two weeks in Guatemala studying Spanish. Some are betting they won’t return until December when they might just be volunteers again with a group that the Duggar family usually tags along with during the holiday season. The only news Jill and Derick have posted was one sentence on their blog saying that they will study Spanish when they return to an undisclosed location in Central America at an undisclosed time.

Meanwhile, all the focus on Duggar news will probably remain on Jessa until her baby is delivered.

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[Intro Photo: TLC]