Brothel Owner Dennis Hof Says He Has Slept With 4,000 Women, ‘Tries Out’ His Workers And Has Employees Call Him ‘Daddy’

Dennis Hof, the owner of Love Ranch brothel, made headlines when Lamar Odom was found unconscious in his establishment. Hof has admitted to looking for any reason to get himself in the spotlight, and Lamar’s demise provided him the opportunity to plug his business and girls. The loud-mouthed brothel owner has even pinned his own memoir titled The Art of the Pimp:One Man’s Search for Love, Sex, and Money. With his name briefly in the spotlight, Hof is eating it up and doing as many interviews as possible. So who exactly is Dennis Hof, the man behind the Love Ranch brothel?

The Daily Mail reports that Dennis Hof is the quintessential pimp. He allegedly requires all of the girls who work at his brothels to call him “daddy” and likes to “try out” the girls before they begin working for him. Hof makes some bold claims about his sexual life in his memoir The Art of Pimp: One Man’s Search For Love, Sex, and Money. The brothel owner claims that he is not monogamous, despite having been married three times, and has slept with over 4,000 women.

In the memoir, Dennis talks about his sexual experiences as a young man and discusses a young friend getting molested in the Catholic church he was attending in his youth. Hof says that when his father found out about the molestation, he “went ballistic” and informed Dennis’ mother that the boy would never be returning to church again, and he didn’t. Meanwhile, Dennis had a girlfriend who he unexpectedly got pregnant at the age of 17. The young couple found a home together and Hof began navigating the world and brushing up on his negotiation skills, the first of which involved having sex with his much older landlord each month to secure an apartment for his pregnant girlfriend and himself.

Ultimately, Dennis Hof ended up becoming a kingpin in the brothel industry of Nevada and now has 540 girls working for him in his seven brothel facilities. According to the Business Insider, the business maintains 170 rooms for client use and he employs an additional 150 employees who are not prostitutes including bartenders and kitchen staff. Though his business is booming, Hof is notorious for the way he treats the girls who work in his brothels. He explains in his memoirs that he prefers young girlfriends and notes that girls over 21 “aren’t worth bothering with.” In fact, one former prostitute claims that Hof brags about “trying out” his brothel workers.

Monica Monroe
Photo of the two prostitutes who allegedly found Lamar Odom unconscious in the Nevada brothel. (Image Credit: Twitter)

Hof’s ex-girlfriend Cami says that though Dennis claims to shower his young girlfriends with gifts and vacations, she says it wasn’t exactly how Hof described in his memoirs. In fact, Cami said the first gift she received from Hof was a cheap diamond necklace that he retrieved from a Ziploc baggie. She says he would often fly first-class and leave her to ride coach. Hof is open about the fact that he is not monogamous and claims that his girlfriends are expected to have threesomes with him and other brothel workers.

Cami said that Hof was particularly disturbing in that he went after the youngest girls possible. In fact, she says that Hof was bragging about sleeping with a girl exactly one minute after she became legal and then immediately put her to work in the brothel.

“He even bragged about sleeping with a girl one minute after her legal birthday and then putting her right to work, as if this is something real men brag about.”

Cami says it was common knowledge in the brothel that you must try to “keep Hof happy.” She says the girls call him daddy and when she was his girlfriend she was referred to as “daddy’s girl.” She says she struggled with insecurities and self-esteem during her time with Hof, who would constantly tell her to lose weight or change her looks. In fact, many girls will change their appearance to appease Hof as he prefers thin girls with blonde hair, big boobs, and fingernails painted red.

The brothel businessman is particular about rules regarding the girls’ dress and behavior and says it is all for the betterment of the business. He also focuses heavily on finding any outrageous way to get the brothel in the media spotlight. Most recently it seems that Dennis Hof is using the plight of Lamar Odom to increase his brothel’s exposure to the media.

What do you think about Dennis Hof and the brothels he operates? Is he wrong for providing details about Lamar Odom’s visit as a means for publicity?

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