Amy Schumer Does #AmyAtTheApollo Question-Answer On Twitter [Video]

The highly anticipated HBO special from Amy Schumer has been punctuated by Schumer answering questions on Twitter with the hashtag #AmyAtTheApollo prior to Amy’s 10 p.m. ET HBO comedy routine. On , Schumer wrote about the premiere of the Live At The Apollo special, and took questions from Twitter fans that Schumer answered via retweets.

Tonight is the night! : Live At The Apollo premieres on at 10PM.

Amy answered all sorts of questions from fans, ones that ranged a wide gamut on Twitter. Some asked Schumer her favorite pizza while others asked if she preferred Miracle Whip to mayonnaise.

Schumer on Twitter
Amy answers fans questions on Twitter

Earlier, a video interview from Today that Schumer had with Maria Shriver made news for more reasons than one. In the video, Amy cried when speaking about her stylist and how much she helped Schumer’s sister looked nice. The tears seemed less about surface thoughts such as fashion and more about the body issues that Amy admitted experiencing in Hollywood. Schumer said she was missing the “chip” that told people how to dress and how to put outfits together, and as such, Amy’s stylist became invaluable to her as a woman not the typical size in Hollywood.

The secret to looking thin and good in Hollywood is that everyone is starving, says Amy. During the interview, a cardboard board fell down and hit Maria on the head. Since it didn’t hurt Shriver, Amy was able to laugh about the unexpected gaffe, as Maria let a curse word fly in the video. According to Vogue, the weight loss trainer that Hollywood sent made Amy visibly wince upon seeing how much she weighed prior to her Trainwreck movie. While Amy said she can “catch a D” anytime in New York, it’s a different story in Hollywood.

Very adept at Twitter promotions, next asked Twitter followers to tweet photos to her of whomever they are watching Schumer’s HBO special along with — and Amy promised to retweet the photos. With 2.24 million followers, that’s quite a large audience that Amy’s promising to expose the photos along to in her retweets.

Ok here goes nothing. I hope you guys like it. Please send me pics of who you are watching with using I’ll retweet! Much luv

It’s a big way to get big buzz for a comedy special that’s already receiving advanced good reviews. In Schumer’s special she jokes that the largely white audience looks like folks who live in the area where the Apollo Theater resides, which is obviously a joke.

The Schumer tweeting session was a great opportunity for Amy’s fans to get to know her even better as she prepared for her HBO special to air. Not only did Amy name her favorite book as The Professional, Schumer made sure to correct a fan who called Bradley Cooper her boyfriend. Amy made sure to let the fan know jokingly that Cooper was her fiance.

Amy tweets fans

Soon after Amy requested photos of fans watching her HBO special, Schumer began to retweet the photos. Some of those photos featured fans watching the HBO special with their significant others, while one man sent a photo of himself watching Schumer’s special with a Hello Kitty doll. Either way, these Schumer fans got a lot more attention than they’d likely ever get on Twitter without Amy’s large following on Twitter.

One fan tweeted an image of the bottle of liquor they’d no doubt be imbibing while watching Amy’s comedy special. Soon after Schumer retweeted the photos, it quickly received nearly 30 favorites on Twitter.

[Image via Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment]