WWE News: Paige Being Pushed Out Of WWE Diva’s Title Plans In Favor Of Sasha Banks Due To Backstage Heat?

The WWE Diva Division has not been the most impressive part of WWE for the last number of years. However, when WWE NXT started to gain momentum, something amazing seemed to happen along with it. The girls down in NXT were performing at a rate just as high as the men, and at times better than them. We just saw one of the greatest matches of all time at WWE NXT Takeover: Respect with two of those impressive women of NXT in Bayley and Sasha Banks.

Meanwhile, Paige has been doing well on the main roster since leaving the NXT brand in 2014 the night after WrestleMania 30. She has been the only real highlight in the entire division, so when NXT was showing how great women could be in WWE once again, it was only logical to bring that to the main roster. Thus far, it has not yet occurred, but that could very well change soon but it could come at the expense of Paige.

According to Daily Wrestling News, Paige has some major heat backstage with management. It is thought it has to do with her dropping the F-bomb when Seth Rollins was in an interview with Sam Roberts. She then again said it in a live Facebook broadcast.

Paige Sasha

Since WWE is a PG company, this was obviously a no-no. However, Paige, to her credit, has asked not to be put in a live spectrum in these positions. Yet there is the thought that she should be able to control herself, so it’s a bit of an issue all around. There is a reason she has lost so much in recent weeks and why WWE never truly went anywhere with her PCB storyline.

Most feel that it may not get totally resolved for a while but it very well could change depending on need.

The original plan for Paige was for her to be involved in the WWE Diva’s Championship match at WWE Hell in a Cell in a few weeks in a triple threat match including Nikki Bella and, of course, the Diva’s Champion Charlotte along with Paige. Due to the heat, this match is not set to occur, and it appears that WWE will simply go with the rematch angle and move on from there.

Sasha Banks Team Bad

However, there is speculation surrounding Sasha Banks. According to the Inquisitr, WWE is planning a Sasha Banks face turn soon, and it is supposed to lead to a big push for Banks. That means she could be put in a major position by WWE Survivor Series. However, there are some who believe she might take Paige’s spot in the triple threat match that has not yet been announced.

The plan is for Sasha Banks to be pushed in a major way and it very well could lead to her grabbing the Diva’s Championship from Charlotte sooner than most people think. Some rumors claim that she will be the champion heading into WrestleMania 32, while others believe she may not win it until that time. Regardless of how it happens, there are plans for Sasha to hold championship gold on the main roster and the only way to do that is to push her. WWE is considering it now more than ever due to how over Sasha is coming from her Ironwoman match in WWE NXT with Bayley. So expect Paige to be pushed down in favor of Sasha Banks for a while.

Most believe that Sasha Banks could be the best person for WWE to put the Diva Division behind right now, and experts have been claiming she was the second coming of people like Trish Stratus and Lita. Oftentimes, she is said to be better than them both, which is the highest praise one can give a girl in WWE right now. That said, even if Paige stayed out of trouble, the move for Sasha to climb up the ranks would have happened sooner rather than later.

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