Malia Obama Picture: First Daughter Photographed Standing Near Beer Pong Table At College Party

A picture of Malia Obama standing near a beer pong table has gone viral, but instead of generating outrage the photo has led to a collective “meh” from the internet.

The oldest daughter of Michelle and Barack Obama has been touring colleges, and on a recent trip to Brown University she was photographed at a college party standing near a table that had red Solo cups and appeared to be set up for a game of beer pong.

The picture made the rounds on Snapchat, and the The Daily Caller obtained a screenshot of it. It is not clear if Malia Obama is participating in the game (at the least, she’s not holding any alcohol), but her presence apparently caused quite a stir.

Many of the students at the party commented on social media.

“Standing next to Malia Obama at a party nbd,” one student wrote.

“When you’re at a party and secret services show up and everyone freaks out but it just ends up being Malia Obama,” another wrote.

At least one person claims that Malia Obama was drinking at the party.

“Malia obama was taking shots and playing beer pong at a party last night LOL,” one person tweeted (via Buzzfeed).

Though pictures of the president’s underage daughter at a college party that involves drinking could be controversial on its face, the photo leak didn’t generate much of a backlash. If anything, most news outlets and commenters didn’t see the big deal.

The site Racked filed the story under the “Crucial Update” tab, titling it, “Human Person Malia Obama May Have Engaged in Totally Normal Activity.”

“A Snap leaked by the Daily Caller depicts Malia within proximity of a game of Beer Pong, and members of the universe known as the Internet have lost their minds. She doesn’t look too fazed by it, maybe she just wanted to make out with a bro. Did she even play Beer Pong? Did she just look stand there in the corner texting all night? Either way, she should keep partying — I’m sure the Secret Service had a great time.”

Malia has generated plenty of interest as she nears the end of her high school days. This summer she signed on as an intern for Lena Dunham’s show Girls, which led to a backlash among those who took issue with Dunham.


Dunham has been a lightning rod for criticism, especially after the release of her memoir Not That Kind of Girl in which she appeared to recount an instance of sexual abuse against her younger sister. USA Today noted the controversy, which included Dunham’s legal team threatening action against outlets the re-printed the passages.

Some of the controversies surrounding Malia Obama have been entirely fabricated. Late last year, a report that the 17-year-old was pregnant spread throughout the internet. The report came from a site called Empire News but went viral after it was shared on a fake Fox News page on Facebook.

Many people passed on the story without actually reading it, or else the would tell it was an obvious fraud.

“For now, Malia is staying hush-hush about the father’s identity, but one thing she would say is that he is white. ‘My mom always hoped I would get with a nice mixed-race man like dad, but love is so colorblind. Mom was probably right though. The dad already left me for some tramp. And of course, like all white men, my baby-daddy won’t want to pay his child support. I already told him, ‘You want to keep your license so you can drive that bleach-blond tramp around in your little Jaguar, right? Better step up.'”

The first daughter still has a lot of college hunting to do, and is reportedly looking at Princeton, Yale, Cal, Tufts, and Wesleyan. But given the attention she got this week, it’s likely that Malia Obama stays far from the beer pong table on future visits.

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