‘Most Vile And Shocking Content I’ve Ever Seen On TV’: ‘American Horror Story’ Blasted By Parents Television Council

The Parents Television Council sent a searing letter to its subscribers about the latest season of the television series American Horror Story. The television show is known for controversial content and the latest season is no different. However, the season premiere episode of American Horror Story: Hotel is being called the “most vile and shocking content” that the Parents Television Council has ever seen on TV. The council president, Tim Winter, says that the show features “unbelievable explicit combination of sex and violence” and is calling for advertisers to pull their ads from the show.

Lady Gaga AHS
Lady Gaga in American Horror Story: Hotel episode 2, "Chutes and Ladders" Photo Credit: Suzanne Tenner/FX

The Daily Mail reports that the Parents Television Council is calling American Horror Story: Hotel the “most vile and shocking” television show that they have ever seen. Winters was so disturbed by the content of the season premiere that he sent a letter to all of the council’s subscribers noting the episode’s “unbelievable” content. The scathing letter was the result of the season opener which featured group sex, a violent rape, sex toys, and graphic murder.

“This is the most vile and shocking content I’ve ever seen on TV. Ever.”

American Horror Story is in its fifth season, but unlike many series, the show has an entirely new plot line each season. Not only does the location change for each season, so does the cast. Some cast members remain and simply change characters while others leave the series entirely. However, the American Horror Story: Hotel is unique in that it is the debut acting gig for singer Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga Stuns In 'American Horror Story: Hotel'
American Horror Story: Hotel premieres October 7 on FX. (Photo courtesy of FX.)

Gaga is a prominent character who is simply called The Countess. She is openly bloodthirsty and owns the Hotel Cortez. Lady Gaga is known for providing the shock factor to her fans, so American Horror Story seems like a natural partnership to begin her acting career. The opening scene in the latest season is not for the weak. The show immediately goes for the most appalling content it can imagine, and it doesn’t disappoint those hoping for as much gore and sex as possible.

As Winters points out, the show premiere features unsavory subjects such as group sex, rape, and murder all within the first few minutes of the opening. The Countess can be seen, along with character Donovan, having a foursome with another couple. The scene ends with multiple people being murdered and even a graphic rape scene that featured a spiked sex toy. As the Hollywood Reporter points out, Winters doesn’t think any of this is appropriate for “primetime fare.” Winters explains to his followers that the program is paid for by the cable subscribers along with advertisers.

“Most Americans have no idea this is primetime fare on advertiser-supported basic cable. And everyone is paying for it as part of their program bundle.”

Therefore, Winters is expressing his disdain for the program to all of his subscribers and to the advertisers with paid spots during the show’s time slot. Winters says he is reaching out to Subway to explain the problem and encourage them to drop their sponsorship for the “vile” show. Though he feels American Horror Story is the “most vile,” that didn’t stop him from pointing out another show he finds particularly disgusting which is Scream Queens.

American Horror Story, Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga brings sexuality and gore to a revitalized fifth season of 'American Horror Story.'

Interestingly, both Scream Queens and American Horror Story are produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. Winters says that though Scream Queens claims to be designed for viewers ages 14 and up, the show features “graphic decapitations” and “discussions about necrophilia.” Winters points out that the show is sponsored by McDonald’s.

Do you think American Horror Story: Hotel is too graphic for basic cable?

[Image Credit: Suzanne Tenner/FX]