Kendra Wilkinson’s Mom, Patti, Makes Plans To Write A Tell-All Book

The ongoing feud between Kendra Wilkinson and her mom, Patti, is something that doesn’t seem to be stopping. Now Us Weekly Magazine is reporting that Patti Wilkinson actually has big plans to write her own tell-all book. She wants to tell her side of the story and make sure that everyone isn’t just hearing from Kendra. These two are not even on speaking terms at this time so you have to assume Kendra will not be happy to hear this news.

Patti Wilkinson

Patti Wilkinson actually shared this news on her Facebook page with fans saying that “there is only so much a mother can take.” Kendra’s mom seems done and ready to get her story out there. Of course this won’t be coming out anytime soon because it doesn’t even sound like she has started writing it at all. Patti shared her plans on her page.

“Well, the time has come where I can’t stay quiet anymore. I think a book is in order to tell the TRUTH! It will be factual and tell the entire story from MY eyes. Get ready for hearing some things that may take a certain someone down off of her pedestal.”

Obviously this is Patti’s way of making sure everyone hears her thoughts on Kendra Wilkinson, but a takedown book about your only daughter probably isn’t the best way to mend the fences. Kendra is not going to be happy about this and will probably do everything in her power to stop her. Patti also shared another post on her Facebook page today.

“I understand and respect that every one of us has an opinion. I am writing this book for therapy and closure for me. It is totally your choice whether you read it or not. Either way I respect your decision.”

Last night on a new episode of Kendra on Top, Patti Wilkinson tried to get into the big Midsummer Night’s Dream party at the Playboy mansion. Patti Wilkinson was told that she would not be coming to the party. Kendra was actually going and taking her dad along with her. Patti assumed this was the reason that she wasn’t allowed in to the party of course.

Back in June, OK! Magazine shared that Kendra Wilkinson allegedly faked the scenes with her mom the hit show Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. A source revealed that this was all just for the show even though it is true that Kendra and Patti have their issues and don’t get along. The two got into a huge fight and Kendra even screamed at her mom saying “The devil has eaten your soul!” Wilkinson was not happy to find out that her mom was even at the show, but they did feel like Kendra needed some closure with her.

A source said that Kendra Wilkinson got her mom to go on the show with a lie by telling her that they were going to try to work things out. Then when Patti showed up that was not the case at all. Of course Kendra has never admitted that this is true and the source who shared it all did not want to be named. The source went on to say that if Patti had known how Kendra was going to act she would have never agreed to be on the show with her, but she was allegedly tricked into doing it for ratings.

Would you be willing to read Patti Wilkinson’s new book all about her battle with Kendra? Do you think that it is a good idea that she is wanting to put something out there like that? Sound off in the comments below.

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