Brandon Jacobs Touched By Young Fan’s Attempt To Keep Him With Giants

Brandon Jacobs almost cried Thursday when he opened up his fan mail to see a simple note from a 6-year-old boy, hoping that his good gesture would keep his favorite player with the Giants.

The piece of mail came after reports that Jacobs signed an off-season deal with the San Francisco 49ers. The Huffington Post reports that when young Joseph heard that his favorite player was no longer with the Giants, he asked his mother why. Struggling to explain the politics of sports contracts with her young son, she told him that the Giants didn’t have enough money to keep his favorite player.

Joseph then instructed his mom to break his piggy bank and mail the money to Jacobs, a total of $3.36. She did so, along with a note that read:

“Dear Brandon Jacobs,

So you could go to the Giants, here is my money.

Love, Joe.”

Mercury News reports that Brandon Jacobs was incredibly touched by the young boy’s gesture, stating:

“I got the letter a couple of days ago and it meant a whole lot to me. That’s a special thing, and I wish every athlete could get that feeling. That definitely meant a lot for him to do that and put that concept together for one of his favorite players on one of his favorite teams. It meant a lot to me and gave me a lot of motivation.”

While the football player will not be returning to the Giants, he did say that he may plan a surprise visit for the 6-year-old when he gets back to New Jersey. Brandon Jacobs stated:

“I want to do good and go out there and do the best I can for little Joe. After thinking about it since it happened, I’m going to remember this for the rest of my life. When I go back to Jersey, we are going to have some fun together.”