Lamar Odom Allegedly Frequented Las Vegas Strip Clubs Before Brothel Demise, Drank Water And Just Wanted To Talk

New reports indicate that Lamar Odom frequented one Las Vegas area strip club in the weeks leading up to his brothel binge that left him fighting for his life in the hospital. The “gentlemen’s club” workers claim that Odom would frequent the establishment but would only drink water and never purchased private dances. Instead, the former NBA star spent his time just talking with the girls.

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The Daily Mail reports that Lamar Odom was a regular at the Crazy Horse III gentlemen’s club in Las Vegas. The club bills itself as the “best gentleman’s club and bachelor party in Las Vegas” with three rooms and four stages. Sources told the publication that Odom frequented the strip club but had last visited the establishment three weeks ago before it was disclosed he spent multiple days at another high-end gentlemen’s club in the area along with the infamous Love Ranch brothel.

The sources claim that on Odom’s last visit he seemed “kinda sad.” The witness claims that Odom sat and drank Perrier sparkling water and never requested a private dance. Instead, the witness says that Lamar seemed content just talking to the girls.

“He was last here about three weeks ago and he seemed kind of sad. He just sat there and drank water and didn’t have a private dance.”

Though the witness says Lamar was just drinking water during his latest visit, it was noted that the girl he was with was “kind of crazy” and was doing drugs next to him. However, she says she never witnessed Lamar doing drugs at that time. Instead she said he remained very “chilled” and just spent time talking with the girls working in the club.

Spearmint Rhino and Lamar Odom

The Crazy Horse III isn’t the only Las Vegas strip club that Lamar Odom allegedly attended before his brothel incident. Girls at the high-end gentlemen’s club, Spearmint Rhino, claim that Lamar spent five days straight at the strip club before making his way to the Love Ranch brothel. Radar Online reports that Odom spent $5,000 a day on the Spearmint Rhino VIP treatment. The former NBA player allegedly stayed at the club receiving non-stop lap dances for five days before eventually leaving. Girls at the club claimed that Odom was particularly demanding and that many girls refused to service him for that reason. However, when all was said and done, at $5,000 a day, Odom would have spent $25,000 at the club.

The $25,000 spent at Spearmint Rhino pales in comparison to the alleged $79,000 Odom spent at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch brothel. An apparent itemized receipt from Lamar’s stay at the ranch shows he shelled out over $79,000 for his four days at the ranch. The tab included $75,000 for 24/7 access to two prostitutes at Love Ranch named Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe. A third prostitute, Simone, charged the former NBA player $3,000 for services. Odom also spent $100 for car service and over $1,000 on a bar tab.

Lamar Odom was found unconscious in his VIP suite at Love Ranch on Tuesday following his four days at the ranch. He is currently fighting for his life in the hospital from an apparent drug overdose but is allegedly showing signs of improvement. Reports indicate that Odom has come out of a coma and is currently responding to medical staff and Khloe Kardashian, who has remained by his side throughout his stay. It is currently unknown if the former NBA player will suffer any long-term health issues from the incident.

[Image Credit: Vegas VIP]