Racist Banker Gets Blasted By His Mother During Rant Via Facebook — He Isn't Who He Thinks

This racist banker realized he was the subject of his own hatred. It's something how life can knock you down on your face, even when you think your legs are strong enough to hold steady.

Secrets have a way of painting delusions over what's seemingly real. And those who have to carry the burden of a secret can become emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted by it, as says Columbia Business School's website. So, who knows how tired this mother must have been to carry such a forbidden word about her son all his years.

While all names have remained anonymous for confidentiality purposes, B. Scott Media reports that a banker took to Facebook in an apparent racist rant about "why immigrants do not (and never will) have the capacity to hold a decent position" in this country. And to top it off, he hashtagged the words "disgusting" and "foreigners."

Now — according to a U.S. News report from this year — for America, racism is nearly a way of life. It's possible that every adult knows of someone with racist tendencies, views, or beliefs. Well, for this mother, it hit closer to home than she would have liked.

During the banker's ethnically fused remarks, he received urging support from others that shared similar views. Cheers, accolades, and laughter filled the comment section of his Facebook post.

Disclaimer: The following statements hold discriminatory beliefs from certain individuals. Viewer discretion is advised.

Racist Banker Gets Blasted By His Mother Via Facebook — He Isn't Who He Thinks - Facebook Photo 1
(Image via Facebook)

Racist Banker Gets Blasted By His Mother Via Facebook — He Isn't Who He Thinks - Facebook Photo 2
(Image via Facebook)

There's no report on whether this banker was the owner or just a higher-up within the executive staff. However, as can be seen from the comments, some of his employees shared his view on immigrants. The comments don't have to be explained or repeated but are self-evident of the cruel and discriminatory thoughts of some individuals.

Nevertheless, regardless of his banking status, the man had no idea about his past and from where he came. After reading enough of the Facebook bash session, the racist banker's mother appeared within the comments section as well. However, the information she was about to drop on the group was about to change everything.

At the beginning, she stated that she didn't want to put his information out there like that. Yet, regretfully, his practices pushed her to that point. Under the post, she wrote,

"My dearest [son's name], hate to break this racist orgy between you and your 'ingenious' friends. We've never meant to tell you this, and maybe I shouldn't do it even now, but you have really crossed the line this time. So — you deserve this."
As it seems, she had tolerated his behavior before in the past and was knowledgeable that it was unjust. However, she continued.
"I just wanted to tell you that we (your dad and myself)...adopted you 23 years back when you were two, from an Armenian family who was at the time living in Sofia, Bulgaria."
For a second, can you imagine how this must have immediately affected his relationship with those in the discussion? Not knowing that he — himself — was an immigrant, this man was bashing...himself. He basically said that he was incapable of reaching his own status, nor did he have the capacity to do so. Yet, there he stood — in a management position of sorts. His mother continued.
"Still nothing to be ashamed of. You still turned out to be a young, successful banker with a great life. Guess those 'dirty foreigners' with their 'dirty genes' ARE capable of achieving something in their life after all."
And to show that there were no ill- or hard-feelings, the mother added a "P.S." which basically said that she still expects to see him for lunch.

Racist Banker Gets Blasted By His Mother Via Facebook — He Isn't Who He Thinks - Facebook Photo 3
(Image via Facebook)

This is definitely an experience in "karma" as returning ten-fold. So many illusions torn down at once...and within worldwide view, no less. It's mind-boggling, yes?

As mentions Black Daily News, "She basically just told her son that he's a Kardashian," in so many words. This serves as a serious lesson in sowing and reaping. This racist banker sowed the worst of bias ridicules toward a collective people undeserving of such treatment. And he reaped the daunting information that he, too, is one of those at the end of his discriminatory lashings. Mind you, he wasn't discussing illegal immigrants but just immigrants, in general.

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