Democratic Debate Was A Continuation Of ‘Plantation Politics,’ Says Sheriff David Clarke [Video]

The Democrat presidential candidates were pandering to the Black Lives Matter movement by engaging in “plantation politics” and “whoring for votes” during Tuesday night’s debate on CNN, according to Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

The Democratic debate featured five candidates: former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Vermont independent socialist Senator Bernie Sanders running as a Democrat, former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee, and ex-Virginia Senator Jim Webb, a military combat veteran who was Secretary of the Navy under President Ronald Reagan.

The Las Vegas-based debate averaged 15.3 million TV viewers, higher than most expected, but far lower than the 24 million who watched the first GOP debate on the Fox News channel in August, as well as the follow-up GOP debate on CNN in September, and also less than those who were watching NCIS on CBS which aired at the same time as the CNN Dem debate.

Jim Webb apparently was also Feeling the Bern afterwards. Webb claims that CNN rigged the event to favor Clinton and Sanders, The Hill reported.

“It’s very difficult to win a debate when you don’t have the opportunity to speak the same amount of time on issues as the others did,” he complained.

Dem debate on CNN Tuesday night
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As alluded to above, Sheriff Clarke gave the debate less than a ringing endorsement for other reasons. Clarke has previously described the Black Lives Matter movement as, among other things, a Frankenstein monster and a collection of misfits, and renaming them “Black Lies Matter.”

He has insisted that the group should protest against joblessness and failing schools in the inner cities rather than demonstrating in opposition to the police.

Sheriff Clarke has found himself in the national spotlight as a police and law-and-order advocate with regular appearances on the Fox News channel, where he is practically an unofficial co-host, CNN, and other media outlets, ever since advising his Wisconsin constituents two years ago in a series of ads to arm themselves against intruders rather than hiding under the bed and waiting for overworked, undermanned cops to arrive.

A former city of Milwaukee police commander, Clarke, a Democrat, has been county sheriff since 2002 and was reelected to his fourth term in that job in 2014. He is an outspoken supporter of Second Amendment rights and firearms training and a foe of the Obama administration, particularly in what he claimed was its war on police.

Hillary Clinton met with Black Lives Matter activists in August and again apparently shortly before the Democrat debate. O’Malley famously had to apologize for saying that “all lives matter” at a gathering of liberals/progressives in July.

Clinton, Sanders, and O'Malley at Democrat Debate
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On a panel with pundits Juan Williams and Larry Elder, Sheriff Clarke offered this assessment during Sean Hannity’s FNC show about how the candidates conducted themselves when asked by Anderson Cooper if black lives matter.

“It was a pathetic display; it was plantation politics in its finest hour — the continued enslavement of black emotionally by the Democrat Party with this destructive liberal ideology, and they know it. They’re whoring for votes…the liberal ideology has been very destructive for the black community for the last 50 or 60 years. Poverty is now generational; it is a lifestyle. The unemployment is obscene. They have to send their kids to failing public schools. Drug and alcohol addiction; neighborhoods that are crumbling, all under Democrat control…they need to take a real message to the American people, especially to the black community, that what they have done, they deserve an apology for from the Democrat Party.”


Conservative activist Star Parker, who runs the Center for Urban Renewal and Education think tank, expressed similar sentiments about the way the candidates responded to the Black Lives Matter question in a CNN appearance with Carol Costello on Thursday morning.

“Well, we had five, white, wealthy liberals trying to convince us — to one-up each other — that black lives matter so much to them that they’re going to do more of the same: big government. They’re going to have more policy to trap them in poor communities. They’re going to have more policies to trap them in failing schools. They’re going to ensure policies that Planned Parenthood continues to traffic in their potential offspring’s baby body parts. And then they’re going to let more criminals out on the street, while at the same time make sure that black lives won’t be able to defend themselves, because they’re going to take away what’s left of the Second Amendment rights. I don’t think they were very convincing that black lives really matter. Democrats have been in control of the black community and black lives for the past 50 years, and look where we are.”

Do you agree or disagree with how Sheriff Clarke and Star Parker characterized the Black Lives Matter discussion during the Democratic debate?

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