This is Why Young Thug Is No Longer Interested In Girls

Young Thug has been viewed by some to be a hip-hop revolutionary with his almost indecipherable lyrics and “stoner mode” style of singing that fans can’t seem to get enough of. As reviewed by Wired, “Although Young Thug’s woozy, warbling songs certainly convey his feelings, they don’t fit neatly into a rap formula focusing on intricate—or even intelligible—wordplay. The result is an infectious sound that makes sing-a-longs and description difficult.”

That said, Young Thug has sparked numerous controversies by calling his male friends “bae” on social media, prompting speculation that he is gay. This has not been helped by the fact the rapper’s dress code leans more towards women’s fashion.

Young Thug in seemingly donning kids wear. Check out the shoes. Young Thug seemingly donning kids wear. Check out the shoes. [Image via Instagram]In regards to this, he, in August, featured on the cover of Dazed Magazine donning a Gucci floral top. Young Thug also posed for the mag in a Molly Goddard Tulle dress that also had a tutu (like that on ballerina dresses), which didn’t go down well with his sister, Amina, who is also his manager. According to an interview with MTV, she was against Young Thug’s choice of dressing during the shoot, shouting at him to take off the tutu. However, her words fell on deaf ears as he went through with it anyway.

Image Sourced From Instagram Some weird Young Thug fashion. [Image via Instagram]She also highlighted that Young Thug had the habit of wearing the same clothes day after day, citing the time he was on tour with Travis Scott. Apparently, they did 29 shows, during which Amina changed clothes before each event, while Young Thug went on with his habit of just wearing the same shoes, trousers, and even boxers.

Young Thug, however, recently defended his dressing choice, considering that he has no qualms wearing women’s clothes during photo shoots. This was during an interview with GQ Magazine, saying that he does indeed like women’s clothes, citing the main reason to be the fact that they are generally made to fit, unlike men’s clothes.

Away from Young Thug’s weird fashion sense, he has been dogged by rumors of having something to do with Lil Wayne’s tour bus shooting earlier on in the year. This is as documented in an indictment targeting Jimmy Carlton Winfrey, who was arrested for shooting at Lil Wayne’s tour bus in April. According to TMZ, Winfrey called a number linked to Birdman shortly after carrying out the crime.

Although Birdman quickly publicly denied any involvement, Young Thug, who was also said to be connected to the incident, took his time doing the same. However, Young Thug has recently openly stated that he had nothing to do with the attempted assassination, and according to Urban Islandz, he about a week ago called up Lil Wayne’s family to clarify that he had no beef with the rapper. But, this was a contradictory endeavor, considering that Young Thug dropped a mixtape dubbed Barter 6 in April, which is said to have contained several diss tracks aimed at Lil Wayne.

On to his no-girls news, Young Thug recently highlighted that he is currently a better person thanks to having only one girlfriend and not ten who can easily derail his focus. This was during an interview with the Guardian. The following was the actual statement.

“I have a girlfriend now, so no girls. I think all of those things make me more of an artist, though. If I didn’t have a girlfriend, I’d have 10 girls at the studio and they would make me not rap. I’d be chilling and getting stoned. It’s like, boom! – I’ve got a girlfriend. It turned out to be a good thing because it made me a rapper.”