Ariana Grande Gives Thumbs Up To New Albums From Demi Lovato And Selena Gomez

Ariana Grande, always supportive of others, has given a shout out to fellow female performers. Gossip Cop has the news.

“Ariana Grande is praising Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez’s new albums. On Saturday, Grande tweeted, ‘Had to hit up @ddlovato last night and text her a bunch of ‘yaaaas’es & ‘werrrrrk’s because of these vocals on #confident! you diiiid that!’ She went on to say, ‘And while we’re on the topic of new music I have to mention #REVIVAL is so effing good @selenagomez!! I’m in love.'”

Gossip Cop goes on to note that Grande says she loves nothing more than seeing young women doing what they want and kicking a** at it. Certainly, Grande knows about kicking a** since her Honeymoon Tour has received great reviews. STLToday says that Grande more than holds her own in concert.

“Grande’s 90-minute show was as light and fluffy as the cloud she rode on during one song, substance-free but not totally without merit.”

Although that doesn’t sound like a complete rave, the reviewer goes on to explain himself and that “substance-free” is good in Ariana’s case. He loves Ariana’s vocals. Then, there is the review from the Chicago Tribune, which says Ms. Grande’s show was very polished.

Ariana Grande Ariana Grande has really polished up her show and is receiving great reviews. [Photo by Brad Barket / Getty Images]“With only two studio albums under her belt, Ariana Grande drew a fairly full house of screaming, mostly preteen fans to the United Center on Friday, and her impressive voice more than filled the stadium. An adept backing band joined the pop star along with a bevy of talented dancers who provided plenty of spectacle and entertainment,” said critic Althea Legaspi.

Ariana Grande has certainly polished up her show since it began with mediocre reviews earlier this year. For example, Piet Levy of the Journal Sentinel thought Ariana Grande needed more practice.

“But Saturday at the BMO Harris Bradley Center, Grande faced one of the bigger tests of her career. The 21-year-old headlined an arena for only the second time on her first-ever tour. And it showed. The Bradley Center may have been filled to near-capacity with automatically adoring teen and preteen ‘Arianators.’ But the Milwaukee stop on Grande’s Honeymoon Tour didn’t signify the birth of the next superstar. Most of the time, it felt like a dress rehearsal,” Levy thought.

Perhaps Ariana Grande has really upped her game after Donutgate, a silly event, but one that caused a backlash that was fierce enough to ruin her career. Ariana has apologized several times for appearing to lick donuts with her boyfriend while saying how much she hates Americans. Of course, Ariana wasn’t being serious and was joking about how Americans consume so much fat and poor foods (like donuts).

Billboard, who recently wrote an article on the topic, thinks the whole Ariana Grande backlash bit was overplayed.

“What might once have been a not exactly commendable but trivial incident of young, romance-besotted obnoxiousness becomes, in the hyper-efficient 2015 ecosystem of scandal and reaction, a frenzy.”

Ariana Grande’s donut scandal is remarkable, not just because Grande committed a horrible offense. More importantly, it shows how the internet lynch mob just waits for the smallest things in order to attack celebrities, especially women. There was even talk about Grande being charged for her non-crime. One hopes that Grande has learned that everything she says or does will be in the public eye and, in some cases, filmed. However, the fact that Grande has overcome such a scandal shows what a big star she really is.

[Photo by Neilson Barnard / Getty Images]