‘Blindspot’ Spoilers: Jane Will Receive An Unlikely Save And More Teased

Blindspot has become the biggest hit out of the shows that have premiered this fall on television. The series was the first freshman series to be picked up by the network for a full season, and it shows continued growth week after week.

Viewers want to know the secret behind Jane Doe and her tattoos, and the series has made Jaimie Alexander a star. She has more than being Thor’s sidekick and her days on Kyle XY to be known for now. In fact, if this series continues this type of popularity, it may be the body of work that people know the actress for in the future.

Entertainment Weekly shared new spoilers for the next Blindspot episode on Friday. Blindspot Season 1 Episode 5 is titled “Split The Law,” and Jane will face a new dangerous situation during the episode. In fact, she will be on the wrong end of a sniper’s rifle during the episode.

EW shared the inside scoop about the episode with its readers.

“Yes, big bad Carter does take aim at Jane with a sniper rifle during a highly tense situation involving terrorists in a graveyard, but a surprising person will come to her rescue.”

A sneak peek released by NBC and shared by Spoiler TV shows another challenge Jane will face on the next episode. Her connection to Weller has been discovered on a recent episode. She is the childhood friend that disappeared when he was a boy. On the next episode, Weller will take her home for a dinner with his family, and it will not end well.

The sneak peek shows Jane running out of the dinner party. Weller tells her that he knows that she cannot become Taylor Shaw overnight, but the clip ends with a hint that Jane feels like she might not ever be able to become this other person ever.

This NBC show is promising many twists and turns, and the series has at least a plan that has three seasons mapped out. If the ratings continue to be high, as they have been, it is possible that fans could see several seasons of this NBC series.

This is not always the case for NBC programming. Only one freshman series survived last season – The Mysteries of Laura. State of Affairs was cancelled by NBC after a strong start. Will the same happen to Blindspot?

Marianne Jean-Baptiste spoke about the popularity of the series in an interview with Spoiler TV. The actress sees even longer than four seasons for the NBC series. Why do people love this series? She revealed her thoughts on that topic.

“I think they have very cleverly have been able to weave-in great action, you know, you have the overall mystery of the whole thing so those people who love to solve a mystery or a puzzle, that’s for them with the action but also just sort of weave-in some great character stuff where characters are slowly being revealed and I just think it’s a really sort of magical combination that hooks a lot of people.”

Blindspot is only five episodes in with this new installment. Anything is possible with ratings. They are fluid from week to week, but right now it does appear that NBC has a bonafide hit on its hands.

Blindspot will continue to air at 10/9c on Monday nights on NBC. What do you think? Are you a fan of this freshman drama? Do you want to learn more about Jane?

[Photo: NBC]