Black Woman On Bus Curses At Muslim Women: 36-Year-Old Gets Arrested For ‘F*****g ISIS B*****s’ Threats Against Pregnant Woman [Video]

Call it the rant heard around the country. In a viral video that has made its way around the Internet, an unnamed black woman can be seen on a bus in London, cursing at other women. The black woman says vile things about the other women, as can be seen in the first video listed below.

Warning: Although that version of the black woman cursing on a London bus at Muslim women has been edited, it may still feature language and situations upsetting to some viewers.

For the unedited version of the video, there’s this NSFW UNCENSORED VIDEO: Black Woman’s Racist Attack Rant Muslim On A London Bus ( RAW ) video, which contains language that can be graphic and offensive.

black woman arrested
Black woman curses at Muslim women on London bus

According to the Daily Mail, that black woman has been arrested after the video of her railing against Muslim women went viral. The video lasts for 5 minutes and 15 seconds, but only begins after the black woman is already ranting at the Muslim women. The black woman also has a child in tow in a stroller, which has made it all the more sad as the woman on the 206 bus going down Knatchbull Road, Willesden, an area located in northwest London, continues to use vile language.

The black woman screams at the Muslim women to go back to their own country where there is plenty of bombing, and calls the two Muslim women “sandbags” and “Isis b****es.” “Carry on laughing,” continues the black woman as she rants and raves, saying to the Muslim women that their laughter is the reason that “we don’t like you people.” The people on the bus seemed shocked into inaction, although the bus driver tries to intervene twice. According to the Daily Mail, the 36-year-old black woman has been arrested for her hateful words.

The shocking incident occurred approximately 10:30 a.m. local time on Tuesday, and since that day, the video has made the rounds around the world. The black woman’s anti-Muslim displays deep British racism, reports The Guardian‎ – an article that notes how ironic it is for a black woman to tell another minority woman to go back to her own country.

“Talk your f*****g language. Keep laughing. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. With your bombs hiding underneath your clothes. I don’t f*****g like you people because you’re f*****g rude. You come to England and you have no f*****g manners. Go back to your f*****g country where they are bombing every day, don’t come here where we are free.”

Sadly, when the black woman’s own child appeared to ask the mother what happened to set her off, the woman told her child that Isis arrived in England.

“What happened? What happened? Isis got into the country, that’s what happened.”

The black woman even insulted another passenger on the bus and their teeth, telling them to go see a dentist. She asked the Muslim women if they were each sleeping with the other’s husband, and if they all lived in the same house with 20,000 wives.

Black woman calls Muslim women ISIS and threatens to kick pregnant woman in stomach

The black woman’s insults grew even more vile, threatening the Muslim women on the bus, saying that she would “donkey kick” one of the pregnant women in the stomach. The woman said it would be the first time she got into a fight in public, and that if she didn’t have her child with her, she would’ve done worse things.

“Touch me again and I’ll punch you in the head.”

When the very-pregnant Muslim woman wearing white approached the front of the bus for help, the black woman threatened to punch the Muslim woman in the head. As a result, the Muslim woman said she wanted to get off the bus.

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