The Cake Cleanse: Diet Allows You To Eat Cake For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner While Still Losing Weight

While most diets inform participants to steer clear of desserts such as cake, brownies and bread, the “Cake Cleanse” encourages dieters to eat these sweet treats. In fact, the diet is centered on “healthy desserts” and allows dieters to each cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The “Cake Cleanse” has been designed by foodie and sweet tooth Deborah Schipper as an alternative to traditional no-sweets diets. However, by using “real food” ingredients, the diet is considered healthy and backed by nutritionist Jennifer May.

The Cake Cleanse Deborah Schipper has created a diet that centers around desserts such as brownies, muffins, cake and pudding. [Photo by The Cake Cleanse/Facebook]The Daily Mail reports that 40-year-old Deborah Schipper became discouraged when she attempted to regain her health after suffering from eczema, dermatitis and debilitating insomnia. Schipper attributed her health problems with the processed foods that made their way into her diet in the form of sweets. The sweet tooth foodie acknowledged her love for sweets and said they were often her go-to item for an energy boost during the work day.

“I’ve always been reasonably healthy but the sweet treats and processed foods snuck in as I got busy with work and needed an energy boost.”

Deborah says that she attempted a number of diets but felt her energy levels were low and that she often felt hungry while on the diet. Therefore, she decided to try something new that included healthy versions of some of her favorite food items which included cake, brownies, bread and pancakes. The result was the “Cake Cleanse”, a healthy way to put real foods in the body without sacrificing taste.

“It’s all about a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner but it’s also about bad foods turned good – so it has things like pancakes as well that are actually really good for you. You can have cake for breakfast and be healthy. With the mug cakes you can have them in the morning for breakfast and you are full until lunch time.”

According to the Detroit Newstime, Deborah’s innovative diet includes common desserts which were remade with healthier ingredients. Instead of using processed ingredients, Schipper’s recipes include items such as almond or coconut flour, fruit, coconut milk and Greek yogurt.

The Cake Cleanse The Cake Cleanse features over 100 tasty recipes for the sweet tooth dieter. [Photo by The Cake Cleanse/Facebook]Deborah claims that many of the recipes take 10 minutes or less to create and are perfect for families on-the-go who may need a quick breakfast treat in the morning. These no-bake treats can be whipped up with little preparation as needed. The Cake Cleanse website also notes that all recipes are gluten and refined sugar-free.

Schipper claims that since eating according to the Cake Cleanse most of her health problems are gone. In fact, she says she has seen a 90 percent improvement in her skin condition and sleep issues.

“I would say that since eating this way my skin issues and my insomnia are 90 per cent better, I’m happier, have more energy and look forward to every single day – and I never have to worry about my weight again!”

The Cake Cleanse is designed to work as a four week program and provides both sweet and savory items. Deborah notes that key is replacing the “bad” ingredients with “good” ones while keeping track of calorie intake.

The Cake Cleanse
Deborah claims these pancakes are healthy and perfectly acceptable on her Cake Cleanse. (Image Credit: Facebook/ The Cake Cleanse)

“The bad elements in cakes and treats like sugar, gluten, preservatives, additives and unhealthy fats have been replaced with simple, natural ingredients packed with essential vitamins, minerals, strengthening protein, energizing carbs, filling fiber and healthy fats.”

Some of the recipes included in the Cake Cleanse recipe book include blueberry memory mug cake, chocolate energy bites, cookies and cream cups, and healthy pancakes. The book also includes items such as brownies using yogurt, coconut flour and berries as some of the ingredients.

What do you think about a diet that allows you to consume cake and desserts for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Would you try this dessert-centered diet plan?

[Photo by The Cake Cleanse/Facebook]