Lamar Odom’s $79,000 Brothel Bill Emerges, Prostitutes Ryder Cherry And Monica Monroe Made $37,500 Each

Good news has emerged from the hospital as Lamar Odom is allegedly out of his coma and showing significant signs of improvement. However, his brothel bill shows that the four-day brothel bender cost him not only his health, but also a large sum of money. The Love Ranch itemized bill shows that the former NBA star spent over $79,000 during his four day stay in the VIP suite, which included payments of $37,500 each to prostitutes Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe.

The Daily Mail reports that Lamar Odom spared no expense during his stay at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch in Nevada. The former NBA player arrived at the ranch and began running up a bar tab and informed the ranch that he wanted 24/7 access to two girls. The brothel manager, TJ Moore, says that eight girls were lined up before Odom so that he could pick which ones he wanted to spend time with while at the ranch. Ultimately, Odom selected two petite blondes named Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe. He agreed to pay $75,000 for the pair, $37,500 each, for 24/7 access for his suspected four- to five-day stay.

Monica Monroe
Photo of the two prostitutes who allegedly found Lamar Odom unconscious in the Nevada brothel. (Image Credit: Twitter)

According to Entertainment Tonight, an itemized bill from the Love Ranch shows exactly what Odom spent nearly $79,000 on while at the ranch. The bulk of the charges went to the prostitutes, two of which received $75,000 of the $79,000 bill. In addition to the 24-hour access to the two girls, Odom also spent $3,000 on another prostitute named Simone. Some have called Simone a “Kardashian look alike,” which is in complete contrast to the two other prostitutes, petite blondes, selected by Odom during his stay at the Love Ranch. The itemized bill does not describe how long Lamar spent with Simone, only that she charged $3,000 for the services he received.

The bill also shows that Odom spent $100 on transportation to the ranch, as brothel manager TJ Moore previously noted. Moore says that she was the one that picked Odom up from his home and drove him to the secluded Love Ranch. Moore claims that during the drive, Lamar opened up about his life and struggles. Later at the ranch, Moore says that Odom requested special time with her in his VIP suite, which he used just talking. She says after the “special time,” Odom kissed her “like a son would kiss his mother.” She notes that they discussed his childhood, mother’s death, and his relationship with Khloe Kardashian.

In addition to the $100 transportation tab and $78,000 spent on prostitutes, Odom also racked up a $1,036 bar tab during his stay. Surveillance footage taken inside the ranch shows Odom sitting near the bar surrounded by girls. A bar tender can be seen bringing him drinks as he continues to chat with the ladies around him.

Lamar Odom brothel bill
A screenshot of Lamar Odom's itemized brothel bill which was obtained by Entertainment Tonight. (Image Credit: Entertainment Tonight screenshot)

Brothel owner Dennis Hof claims that the $75,000 price tag for the stay was Lamar’s idea and that he was just out to have a good time.

“It was Lamar’s idea. He said, ‘I’ll give you two girls for $75,000 the entire time I’m there — minimum of four days and max of five days.’ We picked him up at his place in Las Vegas, brought him out there, great mood, ready to have a good time. He just wanted a little peace and quiet and get away from the pressures of his life.”

The brothel owner claims that Odom seemed in good spirits throughout his stay except for a phone call he received Sunday evening which seemed to upset him. However, he says Odom quickly regrouped from the upsetting call and continued to eat well, lots of KFC and t-bone steaks, and was seemingly having a great time.

All that changed when the two prostitutes found Odom unconscious in his VIP suite and called 911. Odom was rushed to the hospital where he currently remains. Fortunately, new reports indicate that Odom has come out of his coma and is responding to Khloe Kardashian who has remained by his side.

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]