Julia Roberts’ Passionate Support For LGBT Causes, Show Of Respect For Caitlyn Jenner

Julia Roberts never intended to be an outspoken supporter of the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, but like her friend George Clooney before her, once she heard about the initiative and learned about the amazing work that they do, she couldn’t help but be a fan and supporter.

People reported that Julia Roberts first heard about GLSEN when a friend phoned her to ask if she would donate a lunch with herself to be auctioned off to raise money for GLSEN. George Clooney was used as an example, with it being common knowledge that Julia Roberts and George are close friends.

“My friend Dave Karger called to say ‘Hey, would you mind? George Clooney auctioned off a lunch to raise money for this event and I just said ‘Yes, of course, I would do the same. I hope you make a dollar!'”

It only took Julia Roberts to be involved with GLSEN for a short while before she realized the value in the national organization’s work. GLSEN aims to ensure that all children, including all LGBT children, are insured of a safe and affirming school environment.

“Ignorance is the root of any kind of discrimination and hatred and so the thing that’s great about GLSEN is that it’s about education. The program goes from kindergarten through high school and I know from my kids that school is where all the power is. I was really blown away.”

Julia Roberts went on to say that education and awareness are the key to stamping out bullying in schools once and for all, theorizing that those who bully are people who “lack any real knowledge of what they are talking about who they are talking about.”

For Julia Roberts, kindness comes down to treating others the way you want to be treated, and giving everyone a chance to be heard. She also explained her idea of the inverse relationship between the size and power that a bully aims to portray with their level of happiness, claiming that those who make themselves appear powerful in order to bully others are actually “sad and pitiful” and full of confusion.

Watch Julia Roberts speak on the topic as she accepts a humanitarian award by GLSEN, along with Julia Roberts’ husband Danny Moder.

The Hollywood super couple were awarded GLSEN’s top honors for their work in the movie The Normal Heart, in which Julia Roberts portrayed a doctor who was determined to cure AIDS, while cinematographer Danny Moder worked as the director of photography.

On October 23, 2015, Julia Roberts and her husband will have the honor of being co-chairs for GLSEN’s RESPECT awards, to be held in Los Angeles.

🌟👏🌟@MattBomer & Simon Halls will attend GLSEN Respect Awards 2015 as honorary co-chairs! http://t.co/nAQZb5OVpE pic.twitter.com/q5xgAac4EJ

— Ivy MFG (@IvyMFG) September 21, 2015

Julia Roberts also credited Caitlyn Jenner for giving society a “great social, cultural education,” saying that Caitlyn’s journey has led many people into a place of understanding. Julia Roberts spoke about Caitlyn Jenner’s bravery, saying that the way she has shared her experience with the world has helped people to broaden their minds and to understand what life might be like for a transgendered person. She suggested that, for many people, Caitlyn Jenner would be the only transgendered person that they know of, and that Caitlyn’s decision to share her journey publicly created channels for others to do the same.

[Photo: GLSEN Youtube Channel]