Halloween Costume Trends To Watch Out For In 2015

Halloween costumes: you either love them or hate them, and for those people who love them, the process of choosing and then buying or preparing the perfect Halloween costume can take weeks or even months. Every year, Halloween costume trends change and evolve, along with a stable set of timeless Halloween costumes that never get old.

According to Today, Halloween costumes in 2015 will take on a range of themes. Pop culture will have a strong influence, especially related to the latest Star Wars film as well as the Minions phenomenon.

Today quoted Zoher Karu, the vice president of customer optimization and data at eBay, who explained which Star Wars character they predict will have the greatest presence this Halloween.

“Around Halloween, we’ve historically seen a nod to superheroes and pop culture moments. With the upcoming Star Wars films, it was no surprise that we’ll see lots of Han Solos out on Halloween.”

EBay has released figures on the bestselling Halloween costumes for children on the U.S. online storefront alone throughout September. Of course, these figures don’t take into account people who leave their Halloween costume purchasing decisions until the last minute (Halloween does fall on the last day of October, after all); so, perhaps this data more accurately shows Halloween costume trends for the well-prepared parents among us. In any event, here are the top ten popular Halloween costumes for 2015 thus far.

1. Mario and Luigi
2. Star Wars
3. Batman
4. Frozen
5. Witch
6. Minion
7. Spider-Man
8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
9. Minnie and Mickey Mouse
10. Power Rangers

Are you as surprised as I am to find Mario and Luigi at the top of the list?

Here are the figures for adult Halloween costumes from eBay under the same data set.

1. Batman
2. Frozen
3. Alice in Wonderland
4. Star Wars
5. French Maid
6. Little Red Riding Hood
7. Wonder Woman
8. Minnie Mouse
9. Men Superhero Costumes
10. Spider-Man

Another trend with Halloween costumes this year are DIY costumes. This is understandable given the current economic climate, as parents are not keen to have their children miss out on the fun of Halloween (and eager to share those super cute photos of the kids in their Halloween costume all over their social media accounts), yet are also not willing or able to spend the money on a store-bought Halloween costume.

Many people who are looking for DIY Halloween costume ideas tend to head straight for Pinterest, and trending Halloween costume data from Pinterest shows a very different story than eBay’s data.

1. Shark
2. Giraffe
3. Bear
4. Big Bad Wolf
5. Flower
6. Baby Hedgehog
7. No-Sew Dinosaur
8. Dragon wings
9. Thomas the Tank Engine
10. Olaf, a Frozen favorite
11. Baymax from “Big Hero 6”
12. Totoro
13. Sully from “Monsters, Inc.”
14. Fox
15. Unicorn

CBS News predicts that the film Inside Out will dominate as the most popular Halloween costume trend this year, which is curious as it doesn’t feature on eBay’s children’s or adult’s Halloween costume data, nor are people searching for DIY Inside Out costumes on Pinterest.

Time has even weighed in on the Inside Out Halloween costume prediction, going so far as to further predict that the character of Sadness will be the most popular Inside Out character when it comes to Halloween costumes in 2015.

Call me old-fashioned, but I remember the days when Halloween costumes were designed to be scary, rather than mimicking characters from popular movies and TV shows. Where are the ghosts, goblins, skeletons, and vampires of yesteryear?

What will you be dressing up as for Halloween?

[Photo courtesy of eBay]