Bruce Willis Channels Donald Trump For ‘Tonight Show’ Appearance [Video]

Bruce Willis and Donald Trump are not normally people you hear about in the same sentence, never mind the same paragraph, but the Die Hard star has changed that. When he appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Bruce had donned a rather familiar hairpiece. It was familiar because republican Presidential hopeful Trump has used the same hairstyle for years.

Willis also has a new project being readied for the big screen, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. Die Hard 6, though the title may be officially Die Hard Year One, has director Len Wiseman returning from his successful sequel Live Free or Die Hard. It is said to be both a sequel and a prequel, possibly an elderly John McClane recounting his days before the takeover of the Nakatomi Plaza.

You might not consider him much of a comedian, but when Bruce Willis channeled Donald Trump on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, his sense of humor was on full display. He’d even shown up with photos of himself in popular movie roles wearing the same hairstyle, playing the whole joke with a straight face.

Bruce’s deadpan humor is almost his signature, having used it to its fullest extent in films such as RED, The Whole Nine Yards, The Expendables, and G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Willis and Tommy Lee Jones could easily be the best deadpan comedians in Hollywood, able to deliver a hilarious line with a serious face, only making it funnier.

That same deadpan humor was on display once more when Bruce Willis wore a Donald Trump wig and even began commenting on photos of himself in previous roles with the same hair. Jimmy Fallon played along like he usually does, being the late night talk show “nice guy” he’s known to be.

At first, Bruce told Jimmy Fallon that his hair had started to grow exponentially, and as a kid he had been a blond, as reported by Entertainment Weekly. He then went on to explain how he regularly shaved it clean and it simply grew back. Just that morning, he said, he’d shaven it and it was a full head of hair by the time he arrived. Willis added to the joke by throwing a pouty lipped scowl at the audience.

Around this point, Jimmy Fallon took out photos of Bruce in famous movie roles. The first photo with Bruce Willis wearing Donald Trump’s hair was from the Michael Bay disaster film Armageddon, alongside Ben Affleck and the late Michael Clarke Duncan. Willis also said he’d actually had that hair throughout his career, to which Fallon said his acting must have distracted him because he swore Willis had been bald.

The second photo was Bruce in Die Hard, a film where he’d originally had some hair left. However in the photo, he’s wearing the same blond wig, and Willis remarked about the tattoo on his arm.

The third photo was the actor in Pulp Fiction, straddling a motorcycle he’d “inherited” from Zed. Bruce Willis’ Donald Trump hair is really wind-blown and wild in the image, and Bruce mentioned there had been a “lot of wind that day.”

The joke gets fully ridiculous with the next photo, which was of the cast of Look Who’s Talking. Bruce Willis had only played the voice of the baby, but as the photo was revealed, the young actor was actually wearing Trump’s hair.

Next was the famous clip from The Sixth Sense, where Haley Joel Osment was telling Willis he “sees dead people.” Then we see Bruce Willis once again with Donald Trump’s hair on his stationary head.

Obviously, there was a lot of Photoshop editing being used to make the photos and video clip, but the real star of the Tonight Show segment was Bruce Willis’ deadpan sense of humor as he joked about his hairpiece.

[Feature image via Jemal Countess / Getty Images]