‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers Tease More About Arthur & Belle’s Next Move

Once Upon A Time has returned to ABC, and the first three episodes of Season 5 have contained plenty of twists and turns. That will continue on the next episode of Once Upon A Time Season 5, Episode 4 titled, “The Broken Kingdom.”

Spoiler TV shared a collection of spoilers and sneak peeks for the next Once Upon A Time episode on Saturday, and fans should prepare themselves for the drama ahead.

Near the end of the last episode, Lancelot approached Snow White in Camelot. Prince Charming had just told Arthur that he was dead, so his arrival was unexpected. Fans learned little more about Lancelot and the love triangle involving Arthur and his wife. The romance was teased in recent spoilers, but it was not clear if it would be expanded upon on this week’s episode.

However, fans will see Hook, Regina, and Robin Hood team up on this week’s episode. Fans will need to watch “The Broken Kingdom” to find out why the three decide to work together.

The biggest takeaway from the last episode has to do with the fact that Rumpelstiltskin is now awake. Emma has woken him up, and his heart is pure. He is a complete blank slate, and she plans to use that. Spoilers tease that Rumple is now without magic. He remembers his life, but he is back to the man that he once was. That means he is back to being the coward he once was, too.

Belle will know he has been taken, and she will immediately think of Emma. Fans will see a new side of Belle this season. They will get to see the stronger side to her.

Adam Horowitz teased a bit about Belle to TV Line. He said, “Belle is activated now. She knows he’s awake and she’s determined to find out what happened.” Does anyone want to see a battle between Emma and Belle? Fans may find that feud exciting.

Emma will have a time of it on the next episode. In Camelot, she will have a breakdown of sorts. Hook will find her, and he will try to help her, as has been seen in the first sneak peek released for the episode, but the Dark One in her head is not helping matters at all.

The second sneak peek features some tension between Snow White and her Prince Charming. He is ready to give Arthur the dagger, but Snow immediately tells him what she learned from Lancelot. The two start to argue about it in front of Regina until Snow asks her to leave them alone to talk.

Once Regina leaves the room, their heated discussion continues. Snow does not trust Arthur at all, and she makes it clear that she will not give Arthur the dagger until they all know that he can be trusted. The clip also shows Henry and Hook taking Emma somewhere. This clip might follow the scene with Emma’s breakdown.

Henry is featured in a new photo of a script teaser shared by Adam Horowitz on Friday. Does the scene in this teaser connect to Henry taking his mother somewhere safe? Or, does it come at some other point in the episode? Henry does have a new crush on his hands, in any case.

Once Upon A Time has clearly breathed some new life into itself. The series has turned Emma into a very different Dark One than the previous evil harbinger. She has her own life and experiences taking her in a different direction. On an upcoming episode, she will turn to Henry for help like she did Hook on last week’s episode. The encounter is not expected to end well.

Once Upon A Time continues to air on ABC this season on Sunday nights.

[Photo courtesy of ABC]