October 18, 2015
'The Flash' Season 2 Brings Back One Dead Character, A New Character, And Will Firestorm Become A Villain? [Spoilers]

The Flash Season 2 has pulled quite a few shockers, and it is only two episodes into the current season. For anyone who is still catching up on The Flash Season 1, or is planning to binge watch Season 2, be warned: there are spoilers ahead. The Inquisitr reported last month that Tom Cavanagh would be returning for The Flash Season 2, but the exact nature of his return was kept quiet, naturally. As Zap2it has reported, Harrison Wells has returned to The Flash Season 2 -- though Episode 2 just barely touched on his return, and prior to that, we merely saw Cavanagh back for flashbacks.

Image under CC BY-SA 2.0 Via Flickr| Courtesy Of FanAboutTown |Cropped and Resized
Image under CC BY-SA 2.0 Via Flickr| Courtesy Of FanAboutTown | Cropped and Resized

The Flash fans have yet to find out just where Harrison Wells is or what he is up to, but what was revealed is that he is the "Savior of Central City," wherever that may be. Though Harrison Wells/Tom Cavanagh's future is unknown, it seems that The Flash Season 2 fans will be seeing him more often, and not just in flashbacks. The Flash episode writer Todd Holding feels that if it were up to him, he would have Cavanagh on every single show.

"If it were up to me I would have Tom Cavanagh in every show. He's amazing. It's such a unique opportunity to have a character that everyone fell in love with and everyone hated him at the same time then try to reinvent him in a different way. That was always the plan. It was just a challenge to figure out how to do that and have it be satisfactory."
Will Cavanagh return as the Reverse-Flash? Will he simply be Harrison Wells? At this point, it is hard to see what value he could add to The Flash Season 2 lineup, though Zoom seems to be a fairly tough adversary. Season 2 has also added Iris West's mother, Francine, which is obviously meant to stir up some drama and conflict. Holding has stated as much, as well.
"Iris obviously has this conception of her mother and her being away from her her whole life. I'm sure you can imagine that is not the case can sort of turn your world upside down. That's sort of the jumping off point which she'll be struggling with."
It would seem the confident Iris West The Flash fans have seen in Season 2 has the potential to be upended by this sudden inclusion, but the more potentially shocking revelation has to do with Firestorm. The Flash Season 2 sizzle reel at the New York Comic Con had a lot of interesting little tidbits, some of which might point to a new villain.

Most of the Flash sizzle reel was a rehashing of moments from Season 2, Episodes 1 and 2, but there were some other sneak peeks to future villains and characters that have yet to be announced or discussed. MoviePilot pointed out the blue flame engulfing the living half of Firestorm, Martin Stein, likely has much larger implications for the future of The Flash Season 2. Firestorm's older half, in a DC Comics arc called Blackest Night, transformed himself into a flaming skulled version of his former character that then was called Deathstorm.

Martin Stein Igniting In Blue Flames
Image Via The Flash Sizzle Reel 2015 | Courtesy Of CW | Cropped and Resized

Granted, this villainous version of Firestorm was in Earth-3, though, but Ronnie Raymond came back from the dead as Deathstorm in that arc. So, though in the comics you have two different takes on the same former Firestorm that became a villain character, The Flash Season 2 has presented fans with the possibility that either could be possible.

CW's The Flash can always go either way, as they don't always follow the DC Comics direction. Either Firestorm direction is, in fact, possible.

What are your thoughts?

[Image under CC BY-SA 2.0 Via Flickr | Courtesy Of FanAboutTown / CW |Cropped and Resized]