American Writes Letter To Queen Elizabeth Asking Her To Take Back U.S., Buckingham Palace Responds

An American man wrote a letter to Queen Elizabeth, asking her to take back the U.S.A. In the man’s complete disgust for all of the political mudslinging moved him to write a letter to Her Royal Highness.

A man identified in the news piece as “Anglophile” took it upon himself to fire off a letter to the queen, pleading with her to take back control of America.

The Daily Mail reported on the letter that the man wrote sent to the Queen of England, expressing his sincere disgust at American politics, especially Donald Trump and his efforts at trying to get a presidential nomination. He thinks the public behavior of all the Republican presidential candidates is embarrassing and would rather have a monarchy than an independent nation.

The Deputy Correspondence Coordinator of Buckingham Palace responded to the American’s letter to the queen. It was clear in its context that the queen wasn’t going to interfere with the American government.

“I have been asked to write in response to your recent letter to The Queen in which you express your views about the American government.”

“Whilst your views have been noted, you will appreciate, I am sure, that there can be no question of The Queen intervening in the affairs of another Sovereign state.”

American man sent letter to Queen Elizabeth, asking her to have England take back the United States. He's tired of presidential politics (Photo Credit: Reddit)

The Reddit user who posted the letter was user, no-soy-de-escocia, who explained that his friend is fed up with American politics and that he was shocked a response followed from Buckingham Palace.

“Frustrated with the current field of presidential candidates (particularly on the GOP side), my Anglophile friend wrote a trolling letter to the Queen, asking her to take the US back. To our shock, they actually dignified him with a response.”

It’s certainly a surprise to see a response follow after the letter was fired off to the queen that pleaded with her to take back the United States as part of England’s sovereignty.

American Man Asks Queen Elizabeth To Take Back U.S.A. (Photo by Paul Hackett - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

The letter to the queen has received almost 2.4 million views with many getting a laugh out of it. It’s probably not the most obscure of feelings by an American given the circus of political bantering with still well over a year until Election Day 2016 when the next President of the United States will be voted into office.

Those interested in running for president have started early in their campaigns. Several debates for the Republicans and Democrats have already begun and the headlines are crammed with the various stands all of them are taking as President Obama’s exit from the White House draws closer.

There’s a more venomous tone to this presidential race as insults are thrown around and offensive comments are made on almost a daily basis. While the American man’s letter to the queen seems quite humorous, it also reflects the attitude that some may quietly suffer as politicians and business professionals constantly fight with one another in order to achieve the ultimate power in the United States.

While many got a kick out of the American’s letter to Queen Elizabeth, some joked that it was “freaking awesome” and that what we need is a “Declaration… of Dependence.”

At least Buckingham Palace was kind enough to respond to Anglophile’s far-fetched request. It goes to show that they don’t ignore what citizens in other nations have to say to them, even if they’re unable to solve the problem.

What’s your opinion of the letter that this American sent the queen?

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