Man Slices Off His Own Genitals With X-Acto Knife

A man in a San Francisco suburb is in the hospital on Thursday, after police responded to a 911 call, finding the 20-year-old, who had severed his own penis with an X-Acto knife.

The man, whose name has not been released, allegedly performed the act on purpose, according to The Huffington Post. Don’t worry, though, this has nothing to do with the apparent cannibalistic, zombie-turning drug known as “bath salts,” as the man tested clean for drugs at the hospital.

Of course, that may make his actions even worse, because he knowingly performed self-castration, also known as autopeotomy (at least he didn’t eat it!). The Huffington Post reports, however, that the man is undergoing a mental health evaluation.

X-Acto’s website reads that:

“Whether it’s paper, wood, cloth or any other material, X-Acto knives let you cut through almost anything with precision and ease.”

Apparently “almost anything” includes one’s own skin. CBS Local reports that police Detective Bill Veteran noted the organ was recovered from the scene, and doctors are attempting to reattach it, although there was no update on their progress, or the man’s condition, on Thursday afternoon.

As scary as it may be for male readers out there, autopeotomy is not as uncommon as you would expect. While we have seen our fair share of women either cutting off their partner’s genitals (see the case of Lorena Bobbit), or even squeezing so hard they castrate their partner, there is also the case of a man in Indonesia in 2010, who cut off his own penis when he discovered his girlfriend planned to dump him an marry someone else.

Perhaps the most high-profile event, though, occurred when a Polish man ran into a crowded London restaurant, grabbed a knife from the kitchen, jumped up on a table, and sliced his genitals off in front of all the customers.