Taylor Swift’s Stunning GQ Magazine Photo’s Finally Revealed, The Singer Talks About Her New Video And More

Taylor Swift has finally graced the cover of GQ Magazine and the stunning photos have been revealed!

It’s not just the photos that paint a beautiful picture of the superstar, however, but the honest and detailed accompanying story, written by author Chuck Klosterman.

Swift began by briefly describing her new music video for the song “Wildest Dreams” as she showed the writer pictures of a giraffe licking her face. Taylor says the video, which co-stars Clint Eastwood’s son, is about two actors being isolated on a 1950’s film set and falling in love.

“I wanted this video to be about the making of a 1950s movie being filmed on location in Africa,” said Swift. Taylor says she came up with the concept after reading The Secret Conversations, a book by Peter Evans and Ava Gardner.

Swift also talked about writing her own non-autobiographical novel, titled A Girl Named Girl, when she was only 14. She said the book was about a mother who had a baby girl, but wanted a son.

When asked what she thought her future would’ve been had she not become the music sensation that she is, Taylor said she would have always been involved in the industry, but from the business end.

“I would still be involved with music in my spare time. But I would have gone to college, and I would probably be involved with a form of business where words and ideas are at the forefront. Such as marketing.”

After taking a 15-minute call from none other than Justin Timberlake, where the pop star asked if he could perform with Swift on the last night of her tour, Taylor “carefully” continued answering questions about the criticism of her music.


Klosterman asked Swift about the seemingly constant criticisms of her songs revolving around the men she’s dating and Taylor’s response was that she can’t complain.

“I get to play sold-out football stadiums all over the world. I get to call up my favorite artists and ask them to perform with me, and most of the time they say yes. I get to be on the cover of this magazine—this is all because I write songs about my own life. So I would feel a little strange complaining about how it’s covered.”

The singer also says that she doesn’t feel like there is any injustice being done because she has never actually named names. Swift said this is what allows her to have some sense of power over what people say about her. Taylor admitted, however, that although critics believe all of her songs have a specific source or are based on her real life, this is not always the case.

“‘Shake It Off’ is one of my most successful songs, and that has nothing directly, intricately, pointedly personal in it,” she said. “No one really says I stay out too late. I just thought it sounded good.”

Taylor wasn’t exaggerating. According to Wikipedia, “Shake It Off” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboards Hot 100 chart and stayed in the top 10 for four non-consecutive weeks becoming Swift’s “longest-running single in the top 10.”

This success is not accidental or by chance, Swift stressed in the GQ interview when asked what she thought about people describing her as “careful” and “calculating.” Klosterman said it was the only moment throughout the entire interview when Taylor seemed agitated.

“Am I shooting from the hip? Would any of this have happened if I was? In that sense, I do think about things before they happen. But here was someone taking a positive thing—the fact that I think about things and that I care about my work—and trying to make that into an insinuation about my personal life. Highly offensive. You can be accidentally successful for three or four years. Accidents happen. But careers take hard work.”

Although Swift admits to getting flustered and agitated about the criticism and accusations, she wanted to point out that despite all of it, she is happy.

“After ten years, you learn to appreciate happiness when it happens, and that happiness is rare and fleeting, and that you’re not entitled to it. You know, during the first few years of your career, the only thing anyone says to you is ‘Enjoy this. Just enjoy this.’ That’s all they ever tell you. And I finally know how to do that.”

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[Photo Courtesy of GQ]