Ellen DeGeneres Surprises Little Girl With ‘Love’ Adam Levine

Ellen DeGeneres has a knack for helping others make a connection with her famous friends, almost always to the delight of her guests and audience members.

Except this time. When Ellen helped a three-year-old girl meet her famous crush, DeGeneres nor surprise celebrity Adam Levine were prepared for the toddler’s reaction to her “love,” Billboard reported on The Ellen DeGeneres Show meeting on Friday.

On her show, Ellen introduced Mila and her mom by showing a portion of the YouTube video that made the toddler instantly famous. In the clip that has been viewed nearly 5.1 million times, Mila reacts to the news that Adam Levine was married recently.

DeGeneres talks up the little girl, hilariously asking Mila questions about wanting to date and marry the Maroon 5 heartthrob. Ellen then asked her mother how she knew her daughter would react that way.

“We were in the grocery store, and I think I said, ‘Oh, Adam. Adam got married.’ And meltdown. So ‘okay, no. Let’s go over here,’ change the subject. And then, I felt really bad. I told her again; I filmed it.”

After professing her “love” for Levine, Ellen then presented her guest with a gift. DeGeneres gave her an outfit custom-made with Adam’s face and hearts adorning the shirt. On the back of the blue jean vest for the outfit, Ellen had a heart with Adam and Mila’s names in the middle.

Then, DeGeneres told her guests that she had one more gift. That’s when Levine appeared from behind a set piece to surprise the 3-year-old and her mom.

Levine then sat down with Ellen and the mom and daughter. With Mila acting shy and clutching tightly to her mom, DeGeneres quipped that the 3-year-old might be over Adam.

“I think she’s changed her mind. I don’t know what happened… It’s a lot to meet the love of your life all of a sudden.”

Levine said he had seen the video prior to coming on the show because, “every single person I know in my entire life sent it to [him].”

After trying to hold a brief conversation with Adam, Mila is enticed by Ellen to come toward her — and Levine — to get her outfit. However, the little girl retreats to her mother’s protective clutches. The scene creates laughter and sparks DeGeneres to say Mila is over meeting her famous crush.

“Mila’s seeing someone else I think… She has moved on.”

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen isn’t the only one with a lot going on these days. Levine, the Maroon 5 front man, is also a judge on NBC’s The Voice. In addition to the singing competition, his band recently released a new greatest hits CD, generating some questions as to the songs chosen for the album.

Adam Levine Behati Prinsloo

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[Photo by The Ellen Show/YouTube]