Randy & Evi Quaid Released From Prison, But Still Might Be Arrested If They Leave Vermont

Randy and Evi Quaid have been released from a Vermont prison after a hearing yesterday that indicated that Vermont didn’t have enough information to hold them on the charges out of the state of California. Yet the law indicates that they can and likely will be picked up if they leave Vermont, which will compel an extradition hearing for the state of California. Regardless, we can’t wait to see what Evi Quaid will be posting later tonight.

According to the Inquisitr, the Quaids were arrested after trying to sneak over the Canadian border with Vermont last week after there was a threat that Randy Quaid would be deported (Evi has citizenship through her father). They couldn’t return to the United States the normal way, because there are arrest warrants for both their arrests waiting in California, so they plotted to sneak over the border in the dead of night, and got caught.


NBC News says that the fugitive charges have been dropped, but warrants that existed before still stand, especially in the state of California.

“Quaid and his wife, Evi, were arrested last week while trying to cross into the United States from Canada. They had lived in Canada since 2010, when Randy Quaid was charged with vandalism and unauthorized entry in Santa Barbara, California, where he and his wife were found squatting in a guest house of a home they contended they still owned.”


According to the CBC in Canada, the fugitive charges have been dropped, meaning that he knowingly left the country with warrants in place, but this does not mean that the California warrants for Randy and Evi’s arrest have gone away. And the Quaids finally have an attorney in place to deal with their mess, Peter Langrock.

“I never worried about being found guilty or any of that for any of these charges because I know the truth, and I know the facts are going to come out at some point, and today was a good sign of that,” Randy Quaid said.

The Quaids have a much better leg to stand on as citizens rather than as fugitives. And rather than another anti-government rant, Evi Quaid is speaking kindly of Vermont, its people, and their system of justice.

“I knew the people of Vermont, the judge and this lawyer would understand our situation,” said Evi Quaid.

For the first time in a while, quotes from the Quaids seem rational rather than manic rants against President Obama.


The Daily Beast recalls the couple who are conspiracy theorists believe they needed to flee to escape the “star whackers” that killed Heath Ledger. The public is aware that Randy Quaid has been in many movies, including The Last Picture Show, but what do movie fans know about Evi Quaid?

“According to IMDB, the director formerly known as Evzenya Motolanez left home at the age of 12. She got expelled from five New England boarding schools for various acts of ‘bad behavior,’ ranging from dress code violations to nocturnal expeditions. In 1988, Evi and Randy met on the set of his film Bloodhounds of Broadway.”

And the Hollywood Bonnie and Clyde have been up to mischief ever since. The next chapter is yet to be written, but the Quaids are once again back on American soil legally.

Do you think the Quaids will go through the legal system to clear up their troubles?

[Photo courtesy of Youtube]