WWE Rumors: WWE Star Stretchered Out During Match At Live Event In Mexico — Seriously Injured?

WWE is currently on their tour of Mexico, hoping that things go off very well with big crowds, a lot of excitement, and plenty of action. Unfortunately, there has already been one big scare on Friday evening during WWE’s live event in Merida, Mexico. During a singles match between Adam Rose and Fandango, the two men collided. This resulted in Adam Rose having to be stretchered out of the live area.

UPDATE: On Saturday afternoon, WrestleZone reported that Adam Rose had “got his bell rung,” but that he was alright. Rose later tweeted the same.

It’s looking as if Rose may have suffered a possible concussion, but the exact injury and extent of it isn’t known.

According to Wrestling Inc., it is truly believed that Adam Rose suffered a concussion. Rose and Fandango were running the ropes during their match and ended up colliding into one another. Fandango went for a kick and Rose just went down. WWE trainers then made their way to the ring and checked on him for a while before having him stretchered out. Nothing further is known of Adam Rose’s condition as of this writing around 11:30 p.m. ET.

WWE.com released pictures showing that WWE held a big press conference today to kick off their weekend tour of live events in Mexico. Charlotte and King Barrett attended the press conference in Merida, Mexico, and it’s a very big deal for WWE. charlotte king barrett wwe tour of mexico Not only are they looking to keep the international market in their favor, but it’s the first time The Undertaker has worked a non-televised live event in over two years. Undertaker is teaming with Kane to reform the Brothers of Destruction, and they are taking on Luke Harper and Braun Strowman of The Wyatt Family.

The tour is set to go on for the whole weekend with events in multiple cities. WWE is really looking to have a huge presence in Mexico right now as they currently don’t have a main event Hispanic star on the roster. That’s the main reason for the rumors of Alberto Del Rio possibly returning to the company.

As for Adam Rose, he has been in wrestling limbo for a number of months now and seems quite lost in the WWE roster shuffle.

The party gimmick just never really worked after the transition from NXT to the WWE main roster. After that, he was rumored to have a gimmick change back to his original NXT character of Leo Kruger and reportedly going to join The Wyatt Family, but that never ended up happening at all.

Now, he’s been working a gimmick of being a party pooper and even releasing some really strange and cryptic tweets and videos. With this darker side being shown of Rose, it’s also revealed the return of The Bunny.

It’s not really known what WWE is going to be doing with Adam Rose right now as they’ve tried pairing him into tag teams and changing his gimmick left and right. For now, he’s doing the heel role of party pooper and that was the gimmick he was playing this evening in Mexico.

Fans sat silently when the collision happened between Fandango and Rose, and simply hoped for the best. It didn’t appear as if Fandango suffered an injury of any kind and was alright after the match was called.

Adam Rose is a mid-card level talent, one that is good on the mic and in the ring but simply needs to find the right niche. After being stretchered out tonight during WWE’s live event in Mexico, the main hope is that he was not seriously injured and he returns to the ring soon.

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