October 17, 2015
Sean Lowe's Wife Says Appearing On 'Marriage Boot Camp' Isn't At All What People Think It's About

The Bachelor star Sean Lowe and his wife will be appearing on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars in December on WEtv. The first thought that comes to mind is that the pair needs help in their marriage, but Catherine Lowe insists that's not the case at all. The two have been married two years and have been through their fair share of scrutiny following The Bachelor fame.

According to a People report, Catherine says that the agreement to appear on Marriage Boot Camp isn't necessarily about anything being wrong in their marriage, but that it's about "strengthening" it.

"Strengthening your marriage and your relationship is always something you should be doing. A lot of people think that unless you're drowning, you shouldn't have to do anything. But that's really not what it is. We work on our marriage every day."
31-year-old Sean does admit that he was hesitant at first about appearing on the show. He brings up Bachelorette star Trista Sutter and her husband, Ryan, who were both on the show in season 1. Lowe says that they were both "pretty skeptical" about going on the show, but that he and Catherine first called Trista. He says that "she had nothing but good things to say about the two people who lead it, Jim and Elizabeth Carroll. So we thought, if it's going to strengthen our marriage, then why not?"

Sean and Catherine Lowe to appear on
Sean and Catherine Lowe to appear on "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars" season 4 (Photo by Roberto Gonzalez/Getty Images for I-Drive 360).

Other Boot Camp couples to appear in season 4 with Sean and Catherine Lowe are Benzino and Althea Heart of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Sunday Carter and Cedric of Basketball Wives: LA, and Sarah Oliver and Jimmy "Inkman" Coney of Bad Girls Club. Sean and Catherine said they mainly steered clear of the drama, but learned a lot from the show.

Catherine, 29, doesn't deny that she and Sean had a rough first year of marriage. She moved from Seattle and the two of them were learning to live to together. The Bachelor couple had their differences in how they approached their problems. She said that she'd "blow and get angry," and that's something she wanted to take more control of.

Sean said that as a guy, he's "not real emotional" and that sometimes he doesn't understand when things bother his wife. He said the biggest thing for him was "learning to be a better communicator."

Sean and Catherine Lowe have finished filming Boot Camp, and they're reportedly doing better than ever. Catherine says, "Sean and I have learned a lot about each other. It's much more steady now. We are just so balanced and happy and joyful."

Sean Lowe consulted with former
Sean Lowe consulted with former "Bachelorette," Trista Sutter, before agreeing to appear on "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars" (Photo Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images).

The Inquisitr has covered a lot of stories on this Bachelor couple since they got together on TV. One of the last articles had to do with Sean appearing on Celebrity Wife Swap over the summer. He came off as a tyrant, but Catherine set the record straight when she and another Bachelor couple -- Jason and Molly Mesnick -- interviewed on KISS FM about all of the bad press that the show was getting. Sean was noticeably absent from the interview. Molly went to live with Sean in Dallas while Catherine went to live with Jason in Seattle. Both Molly and Catherine said that the show was heavily edited. It didn't show everything in its entirety and made Sean look like a man who demands his wife do all the work around the house and then some.

Molly shared some photos of good moments shared on the show between her and Sean, which were edited out of the show.

Be sure to see Sean and Catherine Lowe appear on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars season 4 when it premieres on December 4 on WEtv.

[Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for WE tv]