Maroon 5’s ‘Sugar’ Inspires New Reality Show, Adam Levine To Produce

As if Adam Levine and Maroon 5 weren’t busy enough crafting chart-topping tunes or touring the world behind their hit album V, the band has also found time to inspire new TV pilots apparently.

According to Cinema Blend, Adam Levine is producing a brand-new reality show based on the music video from their smash hit “Sugar.” And while the Maroon 5 front man is already hard at work on NBC’s hit reality competition The Voice, this new series shouldn’t be too difficult for Levine to helm considering it’s really a “condensed version of the premise” of the video, according to the article.

Maroon 5 Adam Levine Sugar Video

Directed by David Dobkins, Maroon 5’s “Sugar” featured Adam Levine and company hopping from wedding to wedding in the Los Angeles area, shocking guests with their surprise appearance and serenading them at their own reception. The video, inspired Dobkin’s own film Wedding Crashers, became a huge viral sensation across the web. The reaction of the guests when Maroon 5 appeared became the center for the positive feedback and the inspiration for this new show.

“The subjects of the new series,” Cinema Blend reports, “will…be surprised by some of their favorite celebrities showing up out of nowhere at major events in their lives.”

Dobkin will also reteam with Adam and direct the pilot while Levine will co-executive produce with longtime producing partner Jordan Feldstein.

And while it is not known yet which celebrities will be surprising their fans in the new NBC series, the premise alone could show promise. It also could be a complete dud as was the case with Ryan Seacrest’s recent TV venture.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Fox cancelled the Seacrest-helmed reality series Knock Knock after only two episodes. While not 100 percent similar to the premise of Adam Levine’s new endeavor, the basis of the show was Seacrest surprising unsuspecting Los Angeles homeowners with a knock at the door and a quiz team ready to break out a game. The result was supposed to be unpredictable, hilarious, and engaging, but apparently left America flat.

Another danger the new Maroon 5-inspired show could face is the fact that the “Sugar” video itself was partially staged. As reported by Inquisitr, front man Adam Levine admitted as much while on tour this past year. In an interview with the National, Levine coughed up to the fact that not every wedding crash was as authentic as it first appeared, a rumor that had circulated when the video first went viral.

“I do want to clear up something about the video,” Adam said in the interview. “Half of the weddings we crashed and the other half were set up, we did that to cover our bases and to make sure we had all the footage. I would say 65 percent of the video was real. It was crazy and a lot of fun.”

Maroon 5 staged Sugar Video

Originally, a rep for Maroon 5 told Entertainment Tonight that “only the grooms knew” what was about to happen in each case but that they couldn’t control it if the grooms then went ahead and warned others in the party or even the bride.

“However they disclosed it to their bride and the wedding party, we’re not sure, but they all wanted it to be as equally a surprise as we did. They had stages set up for their actual wedding band already. All we did was some simple continuity changes to match each one as best we could.”

Whether or not the audience for the new Adam Levine produced show will be skeptical remains to be seen. At the very least, it should be worth watching a four-minute Maroon 5 video come to life each week.

[Photo credit: Bryan Bedder / Getty Images]