Find Out Why A Kylie Jenner Halloween Costume Is Making Some People Mad

Who knew that the thought of a Kylie Jenner Halloween costume would make people mad? This recent survey about the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has been sparking outrage across social media, according to recent reports.

It’s not the idea of dressing up as Kylie Jenner for Halloween that’s making people mad, it’s the way that’s it’s being perceived by men. According to a report via Refinery29, the 18-year-old reality star has been hailed as the “most promiscuous costume of Halloween 2015,” according to a recent poll done by (who else?) 60,000 men on

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

The website describes itself as “the only date-auction where money can buy you love, or at least a first date.” The dating auction site has had over 850,000 members since its launch on 2011. It decided to ask some of its single male members which female costume would suggest that a woman is likely to sleep with you. A whopping 81 percent of men answered Kylie Jenner. Other popular (and baffling) responses include Khaleesi from Game of Thrones, Princess Leia, Sexy Nurse, Elsa from Frozen, and Nicki Minaj.

In addition, the dating website also thought it was a good idea to add a cheeky warning to the end of its findings.

“Results of the survey found most single men think women who dress up as Kylie Jenner will be the easiest to get out of their costumes. Some women might want to be careful who they pretend to be this Halloween.”

Why would Kylie Jenner be seen as promiscuous? Sure, she takes sexy photos of herself and wears risqué clothing, but that doesn’t mean she’s down with having sex with just any guy. Plus, Jenner’s been in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend Tyga. She doesn’t seem like the type to sleep around. Hannahmae Dela Cruz, a spokesperson for, has responded to the outrage over the survey.

“With surveys like this, there’s people whose feathers are going to get ruffled. But it’s simply a fun survey we throw together to help people kind of [identify] what costumes to avoid and what ones are advisable this Halloween.”

There’s no doubt that Kylie Jenner will be one of the most popular costumes for Halloween 2015, according to Dela Cruz.

“I think Kylie’s star has definitely rose this year. Even before she turned 18, rap songs were being written about her and she definitely debuted a more mature image. So I think she’s really eclipsed even her more famous sisters.”

If you want to dress up as Kylie Jenner this Halloween, know that you have many ideas since the teen likes to change up her look. No matter what you wear, you will need a Kylie Jenner lip tutorial to ensure you perfect her signature lips.

You will need the following items:

  • Water
  • Toothbrush
  • Lipliner
  • Lipstick
  • Lip gloss

Make sure to drink plenty of water and brush your lips on a daily basis. This will help rid of dead skin and bring blood flow to your lips, making them plumper. Then you can start overdrawing your lips with lipliner, and wear the perfect dark lipstick like Kylie does in her photos. Still lost? Use the following video tutorials below as guides.

Now it’s time to think about your ideal Kylie Jenner costume. She has changed her hair so much, giving her fans a different look every day of the week. You could dress up as young Kylie Jenner, blue ombre hair Kylie, teal wig Kylie, blonde Kylie, or mermaid hair Kylie.

To complete the rest of your Kylie Jenner look, you may want to use some of the following props.

A DIY Instagram Frame or Selfie Booth

A sexy Kylie Jenner outfit

A colorful wig or hair extensions

Contoured makeup

Perfectly pouty lips and faux eyelashes

Here’s another Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial that will help you perfect her signature look.

What are your thoughts on a Kylie Jenner Halloween costume? Do you think it would make a woman look promiscuous? Do you plan to dress up as the reality star this Halloween? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]