Did Adolf Hitler Survive World War 2 And Flee Germany? Hidden Berlin Tunnel Discovery Sparks New Theory

The discovery of a secret tunnel hidden under Berlin has sparked a new theory that Adolf Hitler actually survived World War II and managed to flee Germany out to South America.

This discovery and revelation will be documented on Hunting Hitler, a new eight-part documentary that will start airing on the History Channel on Monday, November 2.

According to the Express, in the midst of shooting this program a false wall was found in a Berlin subway station. This then led the show to hypothesize that Adolf Hitler used this to escape from Nazi Germany, which at the time of his alleged suicide had been surrounded by the invading Russian troops.


Those in control of creating Hunting Hitler were also able to get their hands on around 700 declassified confidential FBI documents, some of which questioned whether Adolf Hitler had actually committed suicide alongside his wife Eva Braun. Instead they suggested that Hitler had fled Germany as his Nazi regime collapsed around him, and eventually ended up in South America.

One of the secret documents that was written by J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI director at the time of Hitler’s supposed death, declared, “American Army officials in Germany have not located Hitler’s body, nor is there any reliable source that will say definitely that Hitler is dead.”

Spurred on by this new evidence, Hunting Hitler’s team of investigators, which includes Bob Baer, an ex-CIA veteran; Tim Kennedy, who led the search for Osama Bin Laden afer 9/11; and Sascha Keil, a respected German historian, have been gathering evidence in their quest to learn what actually happened to Adolf Hitler.

They’ve approached it like a cold case, and have learned that there was a huge exodus of Nazi personnel and belongings from Tempelhof Airport on April 21, 1945. This was one day after the last confirmed public sighting of Adolf Hitler, while it’s also been reported that eight of these planes were packed with Hitler’s personal baggage.

The discovery of the above tunnel proves that Hitler could have traveled from the bunker where he is believed to have killed himself in all the way to Tempelhof Airport underground. For years there was a clear passage from the bunker to the airport, expect for the final 200 yards. Now, with the discovery of this hidden tunnel, the final connection has been unearthed.

Speaking of the discovery of the tunnel, Jason Wolf, who is Hunting Hitler‘s show-runner, declared, “It was a eureka moment. We were looking for the tunnel when Sascha suddenly went rogue down the subway. He knocked on the wall and it sounded hollow. We brought out the sonar and confirmed it was a false wall.”

Hunting Hitler’s escapades also took them to the jungles in northern Argentina, where they found a compound in the province of Misiones. There they discovered hoards of Nazi paraphernalia and artifacts.



Baer admitted that he was originally skeptical about whether Hitler had actually been able to leave Nazi Germany undetected. Like everyone else, he had heard these rumors, but had dismissed them as false.

But he has now admitted that all of their discoveries have helped change his thoughts on the matter.

“I couldn’t resist this story,” he declared. “And the opportunity to use my knowledge about people escaping to look at the possibility that Hitler escaped from Berlin on April 21, 1945 and made it to South America. “Was that possible? Yes.”

Hunting Hitler concludes that if Adolf Hitler did manage to make it out of Nazi Germany and Berlin alive, he’d have done so right under the noses of the advancing Russian army, before then traveling on a U-boat from Spain to Argentina.

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