‘Arrow’ Season 4 Spoilers: Malcolm Merlyn’s Return Teased

Arrow has returned to CW’s Wednesday night line-up, and Season 4 has been action packed. Team Arrow wasted no time asking Oliver for his help at the start of the season. However, it was soon revealed that Felicity had been helping Team Arrow while the couple was off enjoying their trip around the world. That was not a fact that Oliver liked finding out.

The series also wasted no time in revealing this season’s villain. Damien Darhk has been at the center of the trouble this season, and there have been a few twists and turns along the way. Fans were shocked to learn that Laurel’s father was working with HIVE on a recent episode. He has tried to break away from the villain and the organization, but Darhk is making that difficult. He even threatened Laurel’s life on the last episode.

Laurel will play a major role on the next episode. She has enlisted the help of Thea to resurrect her sister. She has learned about the Lazarus Pit, and she wants to use it on Sara. That may have some consequences, but fans already know that the resurrection will be successful. Sara Lance will take the White Canary to CW’s Legends of Tomorrow at midseason, after all.

Spoiler TV shared photos for the episode, Arrow Season 4 Episode 3, titled “Restoration,” this week, and the photos make it clear that Malcolm Merlyn is back. A preview released for the episode shows more of his return, and he is not too willing to help Laurel bring her sister back to life. Sara has been dead a year, and the effects of that could be worse than Thea going a bit off the rails in recent episodes this season.

TV Line shared some new spoilers about the return of Malcolm Merlyn this week.

“Malcolm’s Season 4 will revolve ‘around Thea and trying to be a good father while also being the very evil, badass Ra’s al Ghul,’ executive producer Wendy Mericle previews, adding that ‘we want to restore him to more of the Season 1 Malcolm who was going around and messing up Oliver’s plans and anyone else he can cross paths with.’ Speaking of obstacles, Nyssa is ‘definitely not going to be on board with Malcolm as Ra’s,’ Mericle says. ‘We’re hoping to take that in a cool, very fighty-fight orientated direction.'”

Arrow has been a hit on CW since it premiered, and this season’s ratings have remained steady. Oliver has picked up a new name for himself, and he made a big decision at the end of last season. He plans to run for mayor of Star City because he can handle himself if something happens.

Actress Jeri Ryan appeared on the last episode as the friend of his mother’s that wanted to pick up her mantle and run for mayor, but that move was not a smart one. Her daughter was kidnapped, and Team Arrow was forced to rescue her.

Oliver is tired of other people trying to do good and failing because of outside forces. Felicity was not at all happy about the decision, but she has enough on her plate with running Palmer Technologies. Ray’s company is in trouble

Arrow will continue to air on Wednesday nights on CW. This season it is joined by Supernatural, which is airing Season 11. What do you think? Are you excited for the return of Malcolm Merlyn to Arrow on the next episode?

[Photo: Diyah Pera /The CW]