Duggar Son-In-Law Ben Seewald Calls Prosperity Gospel Heresy, Attacks Creflo Dollar For Focusing On Money

Ben Seewald recently took aim at prosperity gospel preacher Creflo Dollar for using Christ to make his fortune. The Duggar son-in-law called Creflo Dollar out for his “heretical” teachings and claimed that the preacher’s sermons were not backed by the Bible. Seewald seemed to show disgust for the pastor’s ability to make millions from his congregation and used numerous dollar signs in his posting about the prosperity pastor.

The post claimed that people seek financial blessing from their religion when “God is not enough.” However, is it a little hypocritical of Ben Seewald to attack Creflo Dollar for being money-hungry since the Seewalds have made their living from a reality television series and public speaking engagements, during which they are very vocal about their religious beliefs? In fact, following the cancellation of the Duggar family’s TLC reality series 19 Kids and Counting, the Seewalds quickly picked up some network specials of their own that will focus on Jessa Seewald’s pregnancy and the birth of their first child.

Jessa Duggar and her husband Ben Seewald will be featured in the TLC specials.
Jessa Duggar and her husband Ben Seewald will be featured in the TLC specials.

Ben Seewald posted a link to a video by Tim Chialastri that outlined why Creflo Dollar’s prosperity gospel is “false.” Seewald captioned the video by pointing out that he feels dollar is “heretical” claiming that his teachings are “not the gospel.”

“Great response to Creflo Dollar’s heretical pro$perity go$pel. Jesus didn’t die so we could have $$. That’s not the gospel.”

Note that Ben used a number of dollar sign symbols in place of the letter “s” in his post. He did this to point out that Christianity should not be about money. In the video, Tim Chialastri claims that those who practice the prosperity gospel are “false” Christians, as they are seeking “blessings” instead of “the blesser.” He notes that people only do this in their lives when “God is not enough.”

“When God is not enough we start seeking the blessings that he gives instead of the blesser.”

Chialastri takes the point even further by saying Creflo Dollar focuses more on the entertainment factor than actually preaching the gospel and says that dancing around on money is never okay unless you are wanting to send the message that “God is not enough.” He says the Creflo continues to do things to “keep people coming back for more” as a way to increase his financial gains. He says the act is not biblical and that anyone who has read the Bible can see that it is “false” teaching.

“When God is not enough we have to do things to keep people coming back for more.”

Jessa Duggar defended Josh Duggar during a Fox News interview (Image credit: Jessa Duggar/Instagram)

The video says that throughout the Bible, you can read stories about disciples leaving their businesses, money, family, and worldly possessions behind for the sake of following Christ. However, it is very clear that the Seewalds are not prepared to leave behind their families or worldly goods for the sake of the gospel, as they recently signed on for new TLC specials focused on the birth of their first child.

You can watch the full video yourself below.

A few of Ben’s followers pointed out the hypocrisy in his sentiment, as the Seewalds make their living off of preaching the gospel for entertainment value since the family’s reality television series and speaking engagements focus heavily on their Christian values. One reader asked Ben to put his money where his mouth is and to donate his TLC cash to charities.

“lol. Then donate some of that sweet TLC cash to charity instead of hate groups and proselytizing. Put your money where your mouth is.”

What do you think about Ben Seewald’s statement that the prosperity gospel is a false teaching? Do you think it is hypocritical of the Duggar son-in-law to call Dollar out for making money off of his faith when the Seewalds just signed up for a new set of reality show specials with TLC?

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