'Outlander' Season 2: Black Jack Randall Back From The Dead?

Perry Carpenter

With the second season of Outlander currently in production, fans are sure to be treated with a number of twists and surprises as Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) depart from Scotland and head to France. In addition to the couple's attempt at preventing the Jacobite rising and the all the new characters set to be introduced, there is another surprise waiting for fans that involves a certain villain from Jamie's past.

In fact, it was recently revealed that the main cause of Jamie's pain and suffering in Season 1 may be back from the dead. According to the Christian Post, not only will Jamie be working hard to stop the Jacobite rebellion, but he will also come face to face with his old enemy, Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies) at some point in the season.

Although little is known just how the two are brought back together, and how long they will interact with each other, it is known that there will be a huge fight between them. In fact, images released by Scotland Now show the two characters battling it out in a scene for the upcoming season.

The battle photos were recently shot at Pollok County Park in Glasgow at the sight on the production for Season 2. In the photos, Jamie and Randall are engaged in an intense sword fight with each other. At this time, the outcome of such an epic fight between these two is not yet known. It also isn't clear if Jamie kills Randall or not, but fans can always hope this is the case.

Given the history between these two characters and how Randall imprisoned Jamie and tortured him in unspeakable ways, this confrontation is likely going to be quite an emotional one. With everything that is set to occur in the season for Jamie, from mixing in with Parisian society to trying to stop the rebellion, things are not likely to end well for Randall.

Either way, Menzies will still get a fair share of time in front of the camera in Season 2 as he will also be playing the part of Jack Randall's distant 20th century relative, Frank Randall. Frank is married to Claire in the 20th century and will be featured throughout the series as it continues to develop.

Meanwhile, with the new season based on the second book in the hit series by Diana Gabaldon, titled Dragonfly in Amber, there are a number of exciting new characters that will be introduced this time around. With that in mind, and given the news that Jamie will be fighting it out with Randall, the new season is set to feature a number of thrills that should get most fans excited for the release.

Unfortunately, we are still quite a few months away before the second season of Outlander premieres, which is expected to be in March or April 2016.

[Lead Image Courtesy: Starz]