Weight-Loss Tips ‘For Wedding Season’ Actually Work For Non-Brides Too

Weight-loss tips are often couched as a “for an upcoming wedding” thing, which is not only exclusionary, but if you think about it, horribly sexist as well.

Or to put it another way, is “Weight-Loss Tips For Grooms” ever a headline you have seen in ever, anywhere? The truth is that many males and females alike want to lose weight for events or seasons, and summer is a popular one due to the fact that a lot of us are forced to get into swimsuits and parade around half-naked at the beach, pool or lake.

First things first is that weight-loss tips are great, but everyone should feel okay going swimming or in water-based activities in the body they already have– there is no rule mandating everyone not have an ounce of cellulite to enjoy the water, and body hate directed at others is generally the fault of the person slinging it.

Still, sometimes even confident people want a boost, and these weight loss tips first posted by US News and World Report are some of the better ones we’ve seen, mainly because the first tip acknowledges what many don’t admit about dieting- low-carb diets, especially for people who tend to put on weight at the middle part of their bodies- just work.

The paper quotes nutrition expert Melina Jampolis:

“The reality is in the short-term, there is no question that low-carb diets work better, [for most people],” says Jampolis. “For a 10-day program, the lower you can go,” the more weight you’ll likely lose, she says.

Jampolis also recommends spacing out meals, snacking on protein and water-based veggies and not exercising too hard, as that can actually be counterproductive in overweight people due to an overproduction of cortisol.

Do you have a tried and true set of weight-loss tips that help you get in better shape quickly?