Goblin Face Found In Mars Curiosity Rover Photo Sparks ‘Rumors’ Of Alien Halloween On The Red Planet

Mars anomaly hunters have discovered what looks like a snarling goblin face in a Mars Curiosity rover photo of the Martian surface. The discovery has sparked speculations among space alien and UFO enthusiasts, with some saying it is a stone sculpture representing the facial features of a humanoid Martian species.

Some have suggested, tongue-in-cheek, that the discovery could be evidence that Martian aliens are putting out their Halloween decorations.

The object, which looks like the face of a snarling goblin, was snapped by Mars Curiosity rover on sol 182. It was discovered in the Mars Curiosity rover photo by YouTube Mars anomaly hunter, Rami Bar Ilan.

UFO Sightings Daily editor Scot Waring, describes the latest find as “stunning.” The original NASA Mars Curiosity rover image in which the Martian goblin face was found may be viewed here.

Goblin Face Sculpture In Mars Curiosity Rover Photo?

“This is one of the coolest faces found and it does look similar to some of the others we have seen.”

Waring draws attention to what looks like an eye patch over the right eye of the goblin face and notes that it could be an injury or a “fashion thing.” But some might believe it is evidence that the Martian face the stone carving was meant to immortalize was an ancient pirate, the Martian version of Long John Silver, the colorful peg-leg pirate character in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island.

Halloween Goblin Head On Mars: Halloween On Red Planet? [Photo by NASA/YouTube]Although we aren’t told that Long John Silver wore an eye patch, the patch motif, derived from other memorable pirate characters, has shaped popular ideas about what 17th and 18th century pirates looked like.

Mars Goblin Face On Mars? [Photo by UFO Sightings Hotspot]Regardless, other facial features clearly visible in the stone sculpture appear to confirm that anomaly hunters are not mistaken in supposing this could actually be a representation of the face of a goblin-like Martian race that lived on the Red Planet, perhaps millions of years ago before — as Mars anomaly hunters believe — a series of powerful nuclear explosions wiped out intelligence life and civilization from the face of the planet.

Note the features of this grotesquely snarling Martian face — a frowning face with big glaring eye, prominent nose ridge, a surprisingly even set of teeth and large floppy ear.

“You can easily make out its large eye, eyebrow, nostril, mouth, teeth, floppy ear, and forehead ridges.”

And, as far as Waring is concerned, the latest find is additional evidence that ancient cultures and civilizations created by advanced and intelligent humanoid species thrived on the Red Planet in the past. He claims he has found more than 50 faces on Mars in the last 30 days and argues that 50 faces in one month could not be coincidence.

“Finding one face could be a coincidence, however I have reported over 50 in the last 30 days. Which means they were made by real alien species. That is 100% evidence. As the evidence mounts, disclosure comes closer.”

Mars anomaly hunters have reported sighting a bewildering array of objects on the Martian surface, which “prove” life on the Red Planet. Anomaly hunters have sighted dinosaur remains, coffins, ankh crosses, Buddha statues and UFOs on Mars Curiosity and Opportunity rover photos of the Martian terrain.

Recently, Mars anomaly hunters announced discovery of a “floating spoon” on the Martian surface. The discovery sparked a controversy with anomaly hunters contributing various views on the significance of the Martian rock formation that looked like a long-handled ladle.

However, skeptics remain adamant that Mars anomaly hunters are victims of the psychological phenomenon termed pareidolia, which refers to the tendency of the human mind to see faces and other familiar patterns in otherwise meaningless jumble of data.

[Image: YouTube via UFO Sightings Daily]