‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Lowry On Marriage: ‘Things Are Becoming More Positive For Us’

Kailyn Lowry went through a tough time on Teen Mom this past season. Javi Marroquin clearly didn’t trust her, as he thought she was cheating on him with a classmate. He was jealous that she was texting with other male students, and he acted out. Kailyn couldn’t even go on a trip with her girlfriends without him texting her that she was a bad mother. Fans saw how tough things were between them, and it was clearly emotional for her to relive.

Things got so bad in the home that Kailyn Lowry and Javi decided to divorce. They created a custody plan over Lincoln and had planned to divorce. But something made them stay together, and they decided to work things out. These days, Kailyn claims that their marriage is working out great, and they are getting back that relationship they always wanted.

According to a new OK Magazine report, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that things are turning around, and those divorce papers have been away. Lowry and Javi have worked hard on getting their marriage back, including working on their trust issues. In an interview with OK Magazine, Lowry opens up about her marriage.

“Our relationship is really good right now. I’m happy things are becoming more and more positive for us,” she explains, adding, “I’m really glad they ended up showing some of our hardships because we can look back and see how far we took stuff. We’re happy right now. I’m happy things are becoming more and more positive for us.”


Maybe counseling worked for them, as Kailyn Lowry is determined to make it work. They didn’t go to counseling on Teen Mom, but it is possible that they tried to make it work when the cameras weren’t around. There were issues that Javi was dead-set on, and Kailyn didn’t quite agree.

“If we need to we’ll go back to counseling,” she said, adding, “Make sure we fight for our marriage. I think communication for us is the biggest thing, especially with our jobs and the things that we’re doing that keep us apart for so long. I don’t see divorce in our future.”

But Kailyn Lowry isn’t letting her marital troubles stand in her way. She has been working on her own business empire, including writing her first children’s book, Love Is Bubblegum. Lowry has promoted the book quite a bit on her social media pages, but her fans are more interested in her home decor. So she started her own website called Live, Love and Linens.

“I become a homeowner in 2012 and I became obsessed with HGTV,” Kailyn has revealed about her new home decorating venture, adding, “On Instagram, we got a ton of questions and people asking us all kinds of stuff from our house pictures so we were like, ‘Let’s do a blog and answer everyone’s stuff.'”

“My first thing is do not impulse buy because you’ll probably end up spending way more money on something,” she revealed, adding, “My ideas come from everywhere. Sometimes I see something on Pinterest and then I put my own tweaks in it, I make it my own.”

These days, Kailyn is balancing her blog, school, and being a mother to her two sons. But she is also spreading the word about bullies. She recently stood up against bullies, and she has seen her share of mean comments on social media. According to MTV News, Kailyn has been bullied about everything from her weight to her marriage — and even her kids. Luckily, Lowry has thick skin and can shake it off.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s efforts to save her marriage?

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