Taylor Swift To Be On ‘Playboy’ Cover? ‘Playboy’ In Need Of Bold Revamp, Swift Just The Star To Get It Done

Taylor Swift has transitioned musically quite forcefully, going from the world of country ballads and teenage drama to that of popular music that appeals to the masses with its catchy beats and poignant lyrics. Even Swift’s image has completely done a 180 that now has her atop many of the best dressed lists for events at which Swift is in attendance.

Taylor arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on August 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California, Getty Images)

Rumor now has it that Swift is considering covering the next issue of Playboy magazine. As the Inquisitr recently reported, the publication has changed how its cover is laid out. The main, and most important, factor that has come from the change by the men’s magazine is that the cover model, or celebrity figure on its cover, is no longer nude. The change to the publication has been revealed this week and has resulted in a mixed response.

Reports by Hollywood Life indicate that the “Bad Blood” songstress is set to take on the cover for the first issue since the change. A source chatted with the entertainment site on Swift’s potential appearance on the Playboy cover, noting reasons that she is apparently being considered, the primary being that “having such a powerful woman” would assist the publication in its latest alteration that nixes nude photos.

“Playboy wants to make a splash on their first non nude cover and they would love to have Taylor Swift on the cover and pair that with an amazing interview inside. The Playboy brand knows having such a powerful woman on their cover will really show the new look that they are going for as they rebrand.”

Re-brand or not, Swift would certainly up the level of chicness for the infamous magazine. As International Business Times relays, the Playboy franchise has suffered a large fall in readership and circulation which has evidently lead to the need for a re-brand. The circulation of the magazine has fallen steeply to 800, 000 after being at its height of 5.6 million back in 1975. Falling sales have reportedly lead the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Hugh Hefner, to “de-list” the company back in 2011 at “a valuation of $207 million.” Additionally, the company has had to drop the Australian edition in 2000 after its circulation dropped to a dismal 25,000 copies.

There’s clearly no doubt that the franchise is in need of some sort of revamp to get its numbers back and Swift is certainly a queen of revamping style and gaining appeal. The claim that Swift is to cover the non-nude issue of Playboy has yet to be verified by representatives or additional sources; however, it would be a bold move for both Taylor Swift and the publication, while also reminding readers as to who covered the magazine’s first issue back in 1953. Marilyn Monroe took the honor of gracing the first-ever Playboy cover and another bold, blond beauty such as Swift would be the perfect selection to mirror the beginnings of the magazine while Playboy embarks in a new direction from this point forward.

American film star Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean Mortenson or Norma Jean Baker, 1926 - 1962). Original Publication: People Disc - HW0704 (Photo by Keystone Features/Getty Images)

In addition to simply being the perfect, bold and stylish beauty to carry the publication into its new phase, it’s also worth noting how successful this past year has been for the “Shake it Off” singer. IB Times makes note of Swift’s recent accolades.

“Swift won the award for best female video for “Blank Space” at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 30. The “Shake It Off” singer is also the most nominated artist for this year’s American Music Awards with six nominations, including artist of the year, favorite female artist for both pop/rock and adult contemporary categories.”

Playboy would certainly be selecting well if Swift is, in fact, their choice for their first ever non-nude cover girl.

[Feature Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images for TAS]